What caused floods in Chennai?

What caused floods in Chennai?

The whole of Chennai remained in a shutdown mode as Cyclone Nivar made a late-night landfall near Puducherry November 25, 2020. Ferocious wind and incessant rains cut through the city, causing flooding in several parts and in the outskirts. Many areas suffered power cuts as well.

Is there any flood in Chennai?

They affected the Coromandel Coast region of the South Indian states of Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh. More than 500 people were killed and over 1.8 million (18 lakh) people were displaced….2015 South India floods.

Submerged bridges in Chennai
Date 8 November 2015 – 14 December 2015
Location South India (Tamil Nadu, Puducherry, Andhra Pradesh)

Which highly populated city in India is prone to high risk of flood?

This review article provides an assessment regarding quantification, management and climate change impacts of flood risks in Surat, Mumbai, Chennai and Kolkata, which are the most populated coastal cities in India.

Which Indian cities are sinking?

7 Sinking Cities In India That Can Go Under Water By The End Of…

  • Mangalore In Karnataka.
  • Kandla In Gujarat.
  • Mormugao In Goa.
  • Paradip In Odisha.
  • Mumbai In Maharashtra.
  • Kochi In Kerala.
  • Bhavnagar In Gujarat.

In which state is the Ganga not likely to flood?

Ganga Basin: The Ganga Basin gets flooded mostly in the northern part by its northern tributaries. The badly affected states of the Ganga basin are West Bengal, Bihar and Uttar Pradesh….Highest flood prone areas in India.

State Area liable to Floods (million Ha.)
Human Lives Lost 1579 Nos.
Cattle Lost 95,000 Nos.

When was the last tsunami in Chennai?

December 26, 2004: When tsunami killed 8,000 in Tamil Nadu.

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