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What battalion is Fort Leonard Wood?

What battalion is Fort Leonard Wood?

169th Engineer Battalion. 2-10th Infantry Battalion.

What units are stationed at Fort Leonard Wood?

Units / Tenants

  • U.S. Army Engineer School.
  • U.S. Army CBRN School.
  • U.S. Army Military Police School.
  • 102nd Training Division.
  • MSCoE Noncommissioned Officer’s Academy.
  • 43rd AG Reception Battalion.
  • 399th Army Band.
  • 5th Engineer Battalion.

What is Echo Company in the Army?

Echo Company, 2nd Battalion, 10th Infantry Regiment conducts Basic Combat Training (BCT) in order to provide physically fit, disciplined, motivated Soldiers who understand the Army Values, are instilled with the warrior ethos, and can immediately contribute to their first unit of assignment.

Is Fort Leonard Wood good?

Fort Leonard Wood is a thriving and prosperous installation that has evolved from a small basic training post more than 80 years ago to a premier Army Center of Excellence that trains more than 80,000 military and civilians each year.

What is the closest city to Fort Leonard Wood?

Fort Leonard Wood is located in South Central Missouri and adjacent to the towns of St. Robert and Waynesville, Missouri in Pulaski County. St. Louis is 130 miles to the East and Springfield is 80 miles to the west on I-44.

What happens at reception at Fort Leonard Wood?

You will arrive at the 43d AG Battalion (Reception). The Battalion processes Initial Entry Training (IET) Soldiers for assignment to units at Fort Leonard Wood for Basic and One Station Unit Training. The Battalion also processes Prior Service Soldiers for worldwide assignments.

Where should I live if stationed at Fort Leonard Wood?

Fort Leonard Wood Off-Base Housing To the north of Fort Leonard Wood lie Waynesville and St. Robert, the two most popular towns for military families to find homes. They add 9,000 people to the area’s population.

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