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What Authenticator app does Blizzard use?

What Authenticator app does Blizzard use?

The Authenticator
The Authenticator is an app that you can install on your smartphone and provides two-factor authentication security to your account. The Authenticator is the best security feature to keep your account safe from hackers.

How do I set up Blizzard Authenticator on my phone?

Go to Security > Set up Authenticator (or Account Overview > Add Authenticator) Skip the download because you already have the app on your phone. Select “Other Options: Set up a mobile authenticator” Enter the security code sent to your email.

Why is my Blizzard Authenticator stopped working?

Make sure you have enough free space on your device. Try removing and reattaching your Authenticator. Uninstall the app, restart your phone, then reinstall the Authenticator. Clear the Authenticator’s Data and Cache from your device’s app manager, restart the app, and try again.

How do I get my Battlenet authenticator code?

Log in to the website or Desktop App. Look for the request code, which is combination of 4 numbers and letters. Look on your mobile app for the option to Approve or Deny. If the code matches, click on Approve.

How do I find my Blizzard Authenticator code?

In the upper right-hand corner of the app, click the three vertical dots. It will open up the menu shown in the screenshot to the right. Press “Serial & Restore”. This is where you will find the Serial Number and Authenticator Code.

How do I activate my Blizzard Authenticator?

The first step in configuring the Blizzard Authenticator is to verify your email. Click or tap Continue. Blizzard sends you a security code to your email account. Go to your email, open the message, copy the security code, and then paste it into the Security Code field from Blizzard’s Security Check webpage.

Can I use Google Authenticator for Battlenet? & Guild Wars 2 Blizzard’s service uses a different two-factor authentication implementation – Blizzard offers their own mobile app instead of using Google Authenticator. You can’t use the above apps for, so you’ll need to use another app.

How long does a Blizzard Authenticator last?

The Blizzard Authenticator has a 2-month warranty.

How do I set up authenticator?

How do I authenticate on Battlenet?

When you log in to your account, an authentication request is sent to your device. If the code on your device matches the one on your computer, press Approve. If you want to login using the authenticator’s randomly-generated numeric code instead, click Use Authenticator Security Code on your computer.

Can’t complete authenticator setup?

If you’re having trouble completing the set up of a new Authenticator: Close any apps running in the background Check your device’s internet connection Make sure you have enough free space on your device Try removing and reattaching your Authenticator Uninstall the app, restart your phone, then

What if the authenticator app?

The Microsoft Authenticator app helps you sign-in to your accounts if you use two-factor verification . Two-factor verification helps you to access your accounts more securely, especially while viewing sensitive information.

What is Blizzard Authenticator?

Blizzard Authenticator. The Blizzard Authenticators were small physical devices (fits easily on a keyring) that enables one to secure their Blizzard account by an additional code, consisting of 6 digits.

What is an authenticator app?

Microsoft Authenticator is a multifactor app for mobile devices that generates time-based codes used during the Two-Step Verification process.

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