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What are the basic logo commands?

What are the basic logo commands?

Logo – Turtle

  • fd – forward.
  • bk – backward.
  • rt – right.
  • lt – left.
  • cs – clearscreen.

What is Setpencolor command in logo?

SETPENCOLOR command selects the turtle’s pen color, that is color of the line that the turtle draws and has the following instruction formats. SETPENCOLOR color where color is from the color index table below and has a value from 0 to 15. For example, SETPENCOLOR 3 command will set the pen color cyan.

What is the Seth command?

The seth command can be used to interact with the Seth transaction family. It provides functionality for loading and executing smart contracts, querying the data associated with a contract, and generating keys in the format used by the tool.

What command helps a turtle start drawing?

PenDown PD If a turtle isn’t drawing a trail (e.g., follow a “PenUp” command), this command starts the turtle drawing a trail. (If no turtle is specified, all turtles not drawing trails will draw trails following this command.)

What is the logo cursor called?

Explanation: The mouse cursor is called a pointer in logo, owing to its resemblance in usage to a pointing stick.

What is set pen color?

The Set Pen Color to () block is a Pen block and stack block. The block sets the pen’s color to the hue chosen with the argument. A 200 pen color value is the same color as a 0 pen color value; in other words, if you change the pen color by 200, the color still looks the same.

What does the ST command do?

Function: ST command is used to display the turtle on the screen. It can be used only after the HT command has been used. Function: CS command erases all the drawings on the scren and clears the Main screen or the Graphics screen, and also brings the turtle to the centre of screen.

How many commands are there in logo?

These commands can be used to draw a square on the screen: FORWARD 100….Logo commands.

Command Action
RIGHT 90 turn 90° right
PENDOWN lower pen and begin drawing
PENUP raise pen and cease drawing

What is the blinking line?

The black flashing line is called “the cursor.” It is also called “the text cursor,” or “the insertion point.” If you move your mouse over some typing, in most programs you will get an .

What are the commands for the MSW logo?

MSW LOGO COMMANDS Command Description Example FD Moves turtle forward FD 100 BK Moves turtle backward BK 100 Right or RT Turns the head of the turtle to the right RT 90 Left or LT Turns the head of the turtle to the left LT 90 Home Brings the turtle to its starting position Home CS or CLEARSCREEN Erases drawing on the main screen CS

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