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What are some quotes about black and white?

What are some quotes about black and white?

“Black and white is, as if generations relived; over and again.” “Love is like black and white color; falling for same person, over and again.” “Black and white color, as if curiosity and contentment ran through a blender.” “Work-life balance be like Black and white color; appropriately proportioned to perfection.”

Why are people drawn to black and white books?

“Our personal past is only available to us now through black-and-white film, it’s a medium for communication with the dead, including our dead selves, the way we used to be, which is why we’re drawn to it.” “Books bring alluring colors to our mundane black and white world.”

How was clothing made before the Industrial Revolution?

For most of human history, clothing has been handmade. Even today, while textile production is fully automated, garments are sewn and pieced together by human hands on sewing machines. The production of textiles was a complicated and time consuming affair before Industrial Revolution.

What did department stores do in the 19th century?

In the late 19th century, the department store introduced the idea of consolidating large amounts of mass produced goods for public consumption. Huge, beautifully constructed buildings offered restaurants and tea rooms as well as consumer goods. By the early 20th century department stores began to feature knock-offs.

Is the movie The stripes funny at all?

The film is occasionally funny, but it mostly plays like any one of a dozen underachieving comedies featuring players from Saturday Night Live and SCTV. –Tom Keogh

Is there such thing as a black and white balance?

“Work-life balance be like Black and white color; appropriately proportioned to perfection.” “Where duality divides things into black or white, polarity includes the full spectrum, it is all-inclusive. Duality takes the spectrum and draws a line somewhere cutting it in half.

Is it possible to have black and white life?

For some people, life only has two sides, it’s either black or white. A mixture of two is not possible for them. They never view the life with gray areas in between. They see people, situations, places, and many other things to only have positive and negative characteristics.

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