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What are Oracle Rules?

What are Oracle Rules?

A rule is a database object that enables a client to perform an action when an event occurs and a condition is satisfied. Rules are evaluated by a rules engine, which is a built-in part of Oracle. Both user-created applications and Oracle features, such as Streams, can be clients of the rules engine.

What is Oracle Business Rules?

Oracle Business Rules enable dynamic decisions at runtime allowing you to automate policies, computations, and reasoning while separating rule logic from underlying application code. Use Oracle Business Rules as part of an Oracle SOA Suite composite application as a Decision component.

What is IOT tables in Oracle?

Oracle Index-organized tables (IOTs) are a unique style of table structure that is stored in a B-tree index structure. Besides storing the primary key values of an Oracle indexed-organized tables row, each index entry in the B-tree also stores the non-key column values.

Which is faster sorting or indexing?

Sorting might be a better choice for investigative work because it outputs a new table that can serve as the basis for subsequent analysis….Benefits and drawbacks of sorting and indexing.

Sorting Indexing
Searching character fields Slower Faster

What is user task in Camunda?

A User Task is used to model work that needs to be done by a human actor. When the process execution arrives at such a User Task, a new task is created in the task list of the user(s) or group(s) assigned to that task.

How to create business rules in Oracle SOA?

Work with the Oracle Business Rules Designer (Rules Designer) extension to Oracle JDeveloper to create Oracle Business Rules artifacts Use Oracle Business Rules as part of an Oracle SOA Suite composite application as a Decision component Use Oracle Business Rules as part of Java EE application with the Oracle Business Rules SDK

What is a ruleset in Oracle Business Rules?

A ruleset is an Oracle Business Rules container for rules and Decision Tables. A ruleset provides a namespace, similar to a Java package, for rules and Decision Tables. In addition you can use rulesets to partially order rule firing. For more information, see:

Do you need to know the Oracle database architecture?

A major portion of your understanding of Oracle, both to be a successful Oracle DBA and to be a successful taker of the OCP Exam 2 for Oracle database administration, is understanding the Oracle database architecture. About 22 percent of OCP exam 2 is on material in these areas.

Which is the correct description of an Oracle Database?

Oracle Database is commonly referred to as Oracle RDBMS or simply Oracle. An Oracle Database consists of a database and at least one instance. An instance, or database instance, is the combination of memory and processes that are a part of a running installation and a database is a set of files that store data.

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