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What are differences between line organization and line and staff organization?

What are differences between line organization and line and staff organization?

The organization in which the authority and responsibility moves downward, and accountability flows upward, is called line organization. The organization structure, in which specialist are added to the line managers to provide guidance and support, is called line and staff organization.

Is HRM a line or staff function?

Explanation : HRM is a staff functions. A “staff function” supports the organization with specialized advisory and support functions. For example, human resources, accounting, public relations and the legal department are generally considered to be staff functions.

What are the advantages of line and staff structure?

In line and staff organization, decisions are made by specialists and experts of related field. Therefore, decision making is effective in this type of organization structure. Because of better coordination, specialization and proper division of work, there is balanced work load and less burden to the line executives.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of line and staff Organisation?

Advantages of Line and Staff Organisation:

  • Specialization: Line and staff organisation introduces specialization in a systematic manner.
  • Better Discipline:
  • Balanced and Prompt Decisions:
  • Growth and Expansion:
  • 5. Development of Employees:
  • Lesser Burden on Line Officers:
  • Quick Actions:

Why should HR and line manager work together?

The primary reason human resources and line managers should work together is because both parties have a vested interest in ensuring the company achieves success. Through working together, line management becomes more proficient in tactical human resources functions.

What are the disadvantages of line and staff organization?

Disadvantages of Line and Staff Organisation:

  • Conflict between Line and Staff Personnel: ADVERTISEMENTS:
  • Lack of Responsibility: There is a lack of responsibility for staff officials.
  • More Dependence on Staff: The line officers become habituated for advice on staff.
  • Lack of Co-Ordination:
  • Ineffective Staff:
  • Expensive:

What are the advantages and disadvantages of line and staff organization?

An advantage of a line-and-staff organization is the availability of technical specialists. Staff experts in specific areas are incorporated into the formal chain of command. A disadvantage of a line-and-staff organization is conflict between line and staff personnel.

What is Line Vs Staff?

Perhaps the most important (and obvious) difference between line and staff is purpose : line’s purpose is to work directly toward organisational goals, whereas staff advises and assists. But there are other differences also.

What is line and staff?

line and staff. an approach to structuring ORGANIZATIONS which distinguishes between those who are in the line or CHAIN OF COMMAND and are directly involved in the achievement of the organization’s primary goals (line), and those who provide advice or a supporting service to them (staff).

What is line and staff structure in business?

Line and staff structure is an extension of the standard line organizational structure, wherein staff supervisors and staff specialists are attached to the line of authority. Staff supervisors advise line executives; for example, the CEO represents a line executive and his administrative assistant, a staff official.

What is line and staff organization?

Definition of Line and Staff Organization. Line and staff organization is the organization that combines the merits of line and functional organization, by adding the functional specialist to the line organization.

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