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What are all 21 Spanish speaking countries?

What are all 21 Spanish speaking countries?

Well, there are 21 countries that have Spanish as an official language. These countries in alphabetical order are: Argentina , Bolivia , Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Ecuador , El Salvador , Guatemala, Equatorial Guinea , Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua , Panama, Paraguay, Peru , Puerto Rico, Spain, Uruguay , Venezuela.

What continent are most Spanish speaking countries in?

Many Spanish-speaking countries are located around the world, most being located in South America, Latin America , and Europe .

What are the biggest Spanish speaking countries?

Mexico (113 million native speakers)

  • Colombia (47 million native speakers)
  • Spain (40 million native speakers)
  • Argentina (40 million native speakers)
  • Venezuela (30 million native speakers)
  • Peru (26 million native speakers)
  • Chile (18 million native speakers)
  • Ecuador (14 million native speakers)
  • Cuba (11 million native speakers)
  • How many countries speak Spanish officially?

    Spanish is the official or de facto national language in 20 countries, most of them in Latin America but one each also in Europe and Africa.

    What countries have Spanish as their first language?

    In many countries of the world is Spanish the first language or the official language or both. Spanish language is spoken in two European countries, in Spain and in Andorra ( Catalan ), in one African country, Equatorial Guinea , and in most of the countries in Latin America.

    How many countries is Spanish spoken as the first language?

    Answer. There are 14 countries that have Spanish as an official language, six that have it as the primary language and Puerto Rico has it as an official de facto language, but also shares English as the official language. Spanish is an official language only in these 14 countries: 1. Bolivia .

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