Is Zacks Investment legit?

Is Zacks Investment legit?

Yes, absolutely. Zacks is worth it. Given that the stocks they rate as a #1 Strong Buy have beat the SP500 by over 14% on average for the last 33 years, their system works. And the fact that the stocks they rate as a #5 Strong Sell have underperformed the market by 8% all but proves their system.

Are Zacks rankings good?

Since 1988, Zacks #1 Rank stocks have generated an annualized return of 25.67%, nearly three times better than the S&P 500’s return of 10.79%. The Zacks Rank has also been very successful in telling investors which stocks to avoid.

How do I cancel my Zacks trial?

You can unsubscribe from these direct marketing offers at any time by calling us at 1-800-767-3771 ext. 9339 or emailing your request to If you subscribe to the Zacks Premium subscription service, you will be included in our internal email and postal marketing lists.

How often is Zacks updated?

Remember, the Zacks Rank is generated daily. It can change from one day to the next, as the analysts continually revise their earnings estimates.

How often is Zacks Rank updated?

Is Zacks rank reliable?

The Zacks Rank is a reliable tool that helps you trade with confidence regardless of your trading style and/or risk tolerance. To learn more about how you can use this proven system for market-beating gains, visit Zacks Rank Education.

How much is Zacks premium?

Pricing Options. Zacks Premium starts with a 30-day free trial, after which it costs $249 per year. This pricing is inline with other similar services like Motley Fool and Gorilla Trades. NOTE: We currently recommend Motley Fool over Zacks Premium. Nov 14 2019

How much is Zacks service?

Zacks’ most inclusive package is called the Ultimate subscription. To begin, users only pay $1 for a one-month trial (as of Sept. 2020). After the month expires, the subscription costs $299 per month or $2,995 per year.

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