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Is Yokohama a good tyre brand?

Is Yokohama a good tyre brand?

Founded in 1917, Yokohama is currently the seventh largest tyre manufacturer in the world, and believe that they offer good value, premium tyres. Yokohama strive to constantly improve their products and operational processes to ensure that they meet the ever-changing needs of the modern consumer.

Which is better Continental or Yokohama?

Continental is appealing to the customer looking for comfort and a slight performance and safety edge, whereas Yokohama is appealing to the fuel economy and eco-driven motorist. For the everyday motorist in an urban area we suspect both are safe brands to choose from.

How is the quality of Yokohama Tyres?

Highly Durable Quality of these tyres is very good. These tyres are highly durable and provide a comfortable driving experience. Also, these tyres provide the stability that makes my driving safer That’s why I like these tyres so much.

Where are Avon Tires Made?

Cooper- and Avon-brand tires are made at the Melksham plant as well as in North America and Asia. They are distributed in Europe through affiliate distribution companies in Switzerland, Germany, France, Spain, and by independent distributors across the continent.

Are Avon Tyres made in the UK?

Avon tyres are designed and manufactured in the UK so a very good reason to buy British…

Are Yokohama Tyres good for Indian roads?

The classic design of the Yokohama tyres is of smooth texture, made with excellent wet and road grip which are fuel-efficient and silent, is the best choice for Indian roads.

Are there any good Yokohama tires for cars?

Yokohama tires offer good quality rubber for all sorts of vehicles. All of its brands do everything well, but they’re not exceptional in any one single aspect, as you’ll discover in this review.

When was the first Yokohama Tire Company founded?

(Image credit: Yokohama) Yokohama tires was founded in 1917 with American rubber company BF Goodrich.

Is the Yokohama iceguard snow tire good?

The Yokohama Iceguard gets a bit of a short deal. It’s excellent at doing what it’s supposed to do, i.e. going over snow and ice, but is average in normal conditions, which is pretty much the norm for snow tires. Perhaps the handling isn’t as sharp as some of its contemporaries, but it’s a competent bit of kit.

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