Is Windows Live Mail still available for download?

Is Windows Live Mail still available for download?

Windows Essentials 2012, including Windows Live Mail 2012, reached end of support on 10 January 2017, and is no longer available for download from Microsoft; but most of the software bundled in it or in Windows Essentials 2011, including Windows Live Mail, continues to function and it can still be downloaded from …

Is Windows Live Mail still available for Windows 10?

Conclusion. Windows Live Mail is dead and there is no resurrecting it. Microsoft has a free email client on Windows 10 and it has Outlook. Between the two, there isn’t space for Windows Live Mail to continue to exist.

How do I download Hotmail to my laptop?

Open the app store and search for “Hotmail.” Click “Install.”

How do I get Hotmail on my laptop?

How to sign in to Microsoft Hotmail or Outlook: Go to the sign-in page and select Sign in. Enter your email address or phone number and select Next. On the next page, enter your password and select Sign in.

Is MSN email same as Hotmail?

After purchasing Hotmail, Microsoft integrated it with their burgeoning line of on-line services, and branded them all with “MSN” – the MicroSoft Network. Hotmail became MSN Hotmail which then became Windows Live Hotmail. Same service, just three different names over time.

How do I access Windows Live email?

You can open Windows Live Mail by typing it in the Start menu or from All Programs > Windows Live > Windows Live Mail. After you have opened Windows Live Mail, select Add e-mail account. Note: If you are using Windows Live Mail for the first time, it will automatically pop open the Add e-mail account window.

How do you sign in to Windows Live Mail?

Launch Windows Live Mail on your new computer, click the “Home” tab and click the “Sign In” button. Enter your Microsoft or Windows Live ID and associated password in the provided fields. This must be the same Microsoft or Windows Live ID you used in Windows Live Mail on your old computer.

How can I access my Hotmail inbox?

If you have an account and want to access your Hotmail inbox, simply take the following steps: Go to From there, you will see a “Hotmail” icon. Once you click on this, you will directed to the sign-in page. To access your inbox, enter your email address and password. Make sure your address is spelled correctly.

Does Microsoft have free email? is Microsoft’s free email service that, like Gmail, has a solid interface that’s easy to work with. It’s easily second to Google’s service or even tied as the best free email provider.

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