Is Tristana ADC good?

Is Tristana ADC good?

On paper, Tristana is a solid marksman for inexperienced players who wants to learn the ways of an ADC. Tristana doesn’t rely on skill shots but mainly on her auto attacks, combined with Explosive Charge that can burst squishy champions and towers in mere seconds.

Why is Tristana so bad?

Tristana’s main weakness is her weak early-game where she can get bullied and set behind when matched against stronger early-game champions such as Caitlyn, Jhin or Lucian. However, Tristana’s mid-game is very strong and her late-game is definitely among the strongest of any AD carry.

What is Tristana’s role?

Tristana’s main lane will usually always be the bot lane, but she is viable as a solo laner as well. As a marksman, Tristana will always fit in the bot lane alongside a good support. Tristana is also capable of playing from the mid lane, which has been commonly seen over several patches in season 11.

Is Tristana A hyper carry?

There are attack-speed-focused hyper carries like Jinx and Tristana, and then there are the face-melting high early damage carries like Draven and Jhin. Fortunately, the current ADC meta allows players to choose whichever one suits their tastes because they’re all mostly viable right now.

What to do with Tristana in early game?

Look for windows to go in with them, ping them when you see something like them wasting an important cooldown (Blitz hook, Thresh flay, Rell W, etc) and beat them in an easy trade, force a summoner, or even getting a kill! This is why you picked Tristana, opress them in early game and remember to ward deep so you can avoid ganks.

Is it safe to use arcane shift on Tristana?

Really safe and can easily avoid your all-in with Arcane Shift. She can windwall your E and completely stop you from fighting her that way. He can flay your jump. LETS GO ALL IN YEAH WOOO. Alistar might not be that good level 1, but neither is Tristana really. Level 2 is a huge powerspike for the both of you and you should abuse that.

When is the best time to pick Tristana?

When to pick Tristana? Tristana is a broken champ at the moment of writing this, blindpick her and bully your lane! First off, wait to level your E unless you need it to last hit the three first minions, so you don’t miss any CS on the first wave.

Which is better Lulu or Tristana in League of Legends?

Lulu will let you scale into a monster, and believe it or not, Tristana scales incredibly well. You can play laning phase safely if the meta allows for it (Not the best playstyle right now). Fight. LETS GO ALL IN YEAH WOOO. Alistar might not be that good level 1, but neither is Tristana really.

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