Is Thornmail a good item?

Is Thornmail a good item?

Thornmail is great overall, but the armor isn’t particularly valuable until you’ve already stacked pretty significant health. If you need the grievous wounds it’s probably better to get Bramble Vest, then everything else, then finish Thornmail 4th or 5th.

How much damage does Thornmail do?

By itself, Thornmail reflects at least 16 magic damage on being hit.

Does Thornmail Proc Lifesteal?

Because Thornmail reflects 30% of what you would have done before armor is calculated, it’s a lot of lifesteal.

How do you counter Thornmail?

There are really only four things you can do as an AD carry against an enemy with Thornmail.

  1. Get Armor Pen: Thornmail offers the highest armor rating in the game of I believe 100.
  2. Bump up your lifesteal: Items like bloodthirster boost your lifesteal, thus nullifying a bit of that damage you are getting back.

What should I buy vs Thornmail?

Spirit visage + Lifesteal is theoretically the best combo to negate thornmail’s damage. SV increases all healing (including lifesteal) and gives magic resist (thornmail does magic damage).

Is Thornmail legendary?

League of Legends Thornmail is a Legendary item that costs 1000 Gold. This item is 79.01% gold efficient based on its 60 Armor, 350 Health Stats. You will see Thornmail often built on Top Lane & Support champions.

Does Thornmail affect Azir?

No they do magic damage.

How much is Thornmail?

Thornmail now costs a total of 2900 gold and has a new build path: Ruby Crystal, Warden’s Mail, 400 gold and the brand new Bramble Vest.

Who counters Aatrox the most?

The strongest counter would be Yasuo, a hard to play champion who currently has a Win Rate of 49.53% (Bad) and Play Rate of 5.62% (High). League of Legends most often picked champions vs Aatrox, this is often heavily influenced by champion popularity.

Who wins Aatrox vs sett?

Aatrox wins against Sett 51.75% of the time which is 1.83% higher against Sett than the average opponent. After normalising both champions win rates Aatrox wins against Sett 2.43% more often than would be expected. Below is a detailed breakdown of the Aatrox build & runes against Sett.

How much magic damage does a Thornmail do?

By itself, Thornmail’s Thorns reflects at least 16 magic damage ​​ on being hit. Thornmail is a particularly effective defensive option when facing down opponents whose damage is dealt primarily through basic attacks, or against opponents that utilize healing from attacks to survive fights (such as life steal ).

How is Thornmail different from molten shield and defensive ball curl?

Unlike Molten Shield and Defensive Ball Curl, Thornmail’s magic damage does not trigger spell effects. Thornmail is the only purchasable item in the basic tutorial. Pentakill’s first volume, Smite and Ignite, named its seventh track after this item. New Effect: Is now called out in chat to notify when the item is purchased.

What are the stats of Thornmail in League of Legends?

Recipe: Bramble Vest + Ruby Crystal + Warden’s Mail + 500 = 2900. Stats: 80 armor, 250 health. Unique Passive – Thorns: Upon being hit by a basic attack on-hit, reflects 25 (+ 10% bonus armor) magic damage, while also inflicting Grievous Wounds on the attacker for 3 seconds.

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