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Is there an English Olympiad?

Is there an English Olympiad?

IEO or the International English Olympiad is a yearly exam conducted by the Science Olympiad Foundation (SOF) for school students. It is an English language and grammar competition that helps students judge themselves in terms of their English knowledge.

How many levels are there in Silverzone Olympiad?

SilverZone IOS Olympiad is structured under three levels, Level 1: All the class 1st to 12th students are eligible to take part in Level 1. Level 2: Top 1000 IOS Olympiad rank holders of the 1st Level Examination from each class will compete for top positions in a 2nd level examination.

What is the fees for Silverzone Olympiad?

Students will have to register for the SilverZone IIO exam through their respective schools only. The registration for IIO 2021-22 has started….International Informatics Olympiad (IIO)

Schools in Registration Fee per Student per Olympiad Other Charges
India Rs 120 Rs 25 (charged by the schools)
Other Countries US$8 US$2

What is Olympiad rank in Silverzone?

1st Olympiad rank holder from classes 1st to 10th will be awarded a cash prize of Rs. 20,000/- each with a Winner’s Trophy. 2nd Olympiad rank holder in each class will be awarded a cash prize of Rs. 15,000/- each with a Winner’s Trophy.

Does SilverZone Olympiad have negative marking?

All the questions are objective-type with no negative marking for wrong answers. The medium of the test is English only. Each date of the Olympiad exam has a separate set of question papers.

Are SilverZone results out?

Silverzone Results 2021-22- Silverzone Foundation will declare the level 1 results of Silverzone Olympiads 2021-22….Silverzone Olympiad Result Date 2021-22.

Olympiad Silverzone Olympiad Date
Silverzone iRAO Result 2021-22 Date January 2022

What is the last date of registration of Silverzone Olympiad?


SNo. Olympiad Last Date of Registration
1 International Informatics Olympiad 31 st August, 2021
2 International Olympiad of Mathematics 31 st August, 2021
3 International Olympiad of Science 31 st August, 2021
4 International Olympiad of English Language 31 st August, 2021

What is raw score in Olympiad?

The best raw score (high or low depending on the event) is designated first place and receives one (1) event point. Teams who were scored and had a raw score placed on the answer sheet are to be awarded points for each place as follows: 1st place = 1 point, 2nd place = 2 points, 3rd place = 3 points, up to Nth place.

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