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Is there an elephant camp at Guruvayoor Temple?

Is there an elephant camp at Guruvayoor Temple?

Apart from the shrine of Lord Krishna, another interesting feature of Guruvayoor is the Elephant Camp, located at a distance of around 3km from Guruvayoor Temple. A trip to Guruvayoor is more than a spiritual voyage for thousands of devotees irrespective of their caste and class.

Why was Guruvayur Kesavan elephant taken to Nilambur?

Guruvayur Kesavan Elephant was captured from that forest and taken to the famous Nilambur Royal family as their 12th elephant. It was the time when the Malabar Mutiny breaks out. When the condition got worse, the Nilambur King had no way other than leaving all his assets and elephants and flew to another place along with his family.

Why did Elephant Chanchal die in Guruvayur Temple?

Due to the delay in rescue operations, 51-year-old elephant ‘Chanchal’ died due to lack of proper food and medical care. Let’s ensure the same does not happen to 82 year old Padmanabhan and his elephant friends at Guruvayur Temple!

Why was Guruvayur Kesavan brought to the temple?

Guruvayur Kesavan was brought to the temple when the old famous Guruvayur Padmanabhan was ruling the elephant world. He was noble and kind but at the same time extremely mischievous and stupid during his childhood.

Which is the best elephant sanctuary in India?

All the elephants belongs to Guruvayur temple devaswom, well maintained and well taken care elephants. Its just a few kilometer from the Guruvayur temple and its worth a visit when you are visiting temple.

How to make advance booking for gurupavanapuri Darshan?

Devotees now can make use of the NextGen Online Services to make their offerings and make advance Bookings for Darshan / Prasadam and other Services living in India and around the World for a hassle free pilgrimage to Gurupavanapuri.

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