Is there an app for keeping score in darts?

Is there an app for keeping score in darts?

Score darts for iOS and Android is the only darts scorer you’ll ever need! Score against friends or practice and improve your darts by challenging SmartBot, who analyses your recent performance to always give you a close contest!

What is the best dart score?

The highest score you can get in darts is 180 points per round. That is all 3 of your darts landing in the triple 20 segment of the dartboard. 180 is also known as a “Ton 80” or “Max Score.”

What is the best dart scoring app for Iphone?

The darts scorer app of Target for keeping track of all your darts scores! DartCounter is the world’s biggest darts scorer app for keeping track of all your scores. Play x01 games, Cricket, Bob’s 27 and several other training games. Play online against your friends or challenge the computer dartbot.

Can Alexa keep score for darts?

Description. Dart Scorekeeper keeps track of the dart games 501 and 301. It doesn’t try to enforce rules like doubling on and off. It’s mainly there to help you keep score.

What is a perfect dart?

A perfect game of darts or a perfect “leg” happens when a player is able to check out from 501 using the fewest possible number of darts, which is nine. Hence the name, nine-dart finish. A nine-dart finish is extremely difficult to achieve.

What’s the maximum you can score with 3 darts?

With three scoring darts on a conventional dartboard the lowest possible score is 3 and the highest score is 180. There are some impossible scores like 179.

How long has A180 darts been serving darts?

A180 Darts has been serving the darts community for decades. Our passion for darts has been passed down through the generations, and we’re ready to put all that knowledge and experience into serving you. No matter what you need, and where you are in the world, we’ve got the products for you.

What are the rules for a ton 80 in darts?

Well if you want to score a ton 80, by the rules of darts, all of your darts, so all three of them have to land in the triple 20. So you have to aim for the triple ring, hoping your dart will land in the number 20 of that segment.

How are the points calculated in a darts game?

Each player starts with a score of 501. The number of points you earn each turn is subtracted from your overall score. For example if you were to hit the single 20, single 11 and single 7 in one turn your score would be 38, 501 minus 38 is 483. You will continue in this fashion until your score reaches zero.

What’s the highest score you can get in darts?

When it comes to scoring in darts, and the scoring rules; the obvious question arises- what is the highest possible score of the game? The highest possible score is actually 180. You might hear people referring to it as a ”ton 80” since a hundred points are usually referred to as a ton.

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