Is there a sequel to the book The Giver?

Is there a sequel to the book The Giver?

Gathering Blue
The Giver/Followed by
The Giver Quartet is a series of four books about a dystopian world by Lois Lowry. The quartet consists of The Giver (1993), Gathering Blue (2000), Messenger (2004), and Son (2012).

Is the giver series connected?

Summaries of The Giver Series. The Giver series is a four-book series written by Lois Lowry. It is a dystopian science fiction series for young adults. Unlike other book series, the books are very loosely connected, and do not have the same character as the main character in each book.

Why is the giver a banned book?

Why ‘The Giver’ Is One Of The Most Banned Books In America In the 2000s it was 23rd, just two spots below “To Kill a Mockingbird.” The most frequently cited reasons to challenge “The Giver” have been “violence” and claims that the book is “unsuited to [the] age group”— or in other words that it’s too dark for children.

What is the order of the giver series?

The Giver1993
Gathering Blue2000Messenger2004Son2012
The Giver Quartet/Books

Do Jonas and Kira get married?

Kira is married to Jonas and now lives in the Village where her father used to live (Christopher), and they have to kids Annabelle, and Matthew, named after Matty and Annabella.

Do Jonas and Fiona kiss in The Giver book?

No, Jonas and Fiona do not kiss in The Giver, as romantic relationships are not the basis of the pairings of couples in their community.

Is The Giver Jonas biological father?

No, they were not biologically related.

How old is Lois Lowry now?

84 years (20 March 1937)
Lois Lowry/Age

Is The Giver inappropriate?

This is not appropriate reading for a child under 15 and it is required in my daughter’s 7th grade advanced reading class. After reading some of the reviews here and the young ages of the children exposed to the graphic details in this book, I am appalled.

Is The Giver appropriate for 5th grade?

The Giver is an excellent and thought-provoking example of a dystopian novel, and it is often assigned in fifth grade or middle school English classes.

Who is Jonas biological father in The Giver?

Father is a Nurturer at the Nurturing Center. He is friendly and loving towards the newchildren. He is the care-taker of Gabriel and the father of Jonas and Lily, married to Mother. He had a sister named Katya….Father.

Jonas’ Father
Mentioned Son
Portrayed by Alexander Skarsgård

Who is Thomas in Gathering Blue?

Thomas is the Carver of Kira’s community, and a major character in Gathering Blue. He meets Kira on her first full day as the Threader. They later become friends and discover Jo.

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