Is the Turismo r good?

Is the Turismo r good?

The Turismo R falls just short of being one of the fastest Super Cars in the game. Acceleration is excellent and there is a nice amount of wheel spin. Top speed is also very good, being as fast as the Zentorno. The engine is one of the most technologically advanced engines in the game.

What’s the fastest car on GTA?

The five fastest cars in GTA Online

Car Make + Model Cost Top Speed Recorded
Ocelot Pariah $1,420,000 136.00 mph 218.87 km/h
Grotti Itali RSX $3,465,000 135.30 mph 217.74 km/h
Pfister 811 $1,135,000 132.50 mph 213.24 km/h
Principe Deveste Eight $1,795,000 131.75 mph 212.03 km/h

What kind of car is the Turismo R?

The design of the Turismo R is heavily inspired by LaFerrari, featuring its front bumper and greenhouse area, as well as being a hybrid electric hypercar. The front lip of the car seems to be inspired by the Trion Nemesis, while the headlights seem to be borrowed from the GTA Spano.

Is there a Turismo are in GTA IV?

Turismo – The Turismo R’s predecessor, appearing in the 3D Universe and Grand Theft Auto IV. Italicized vehicles indicate vehicles also available in GTA V, but include exclusive modifications only available in GTA Online. Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted.

Where is the Grotti emblem on a Turismo R?

The Grotti emblem can be seen in the centre of the steering wheel. The primary colour of the car is applied on the bodywork, while the secondary colour is applied on the portions around the cabin, the mirror wings, the side panels of the rear intakes and the interior stitching.

Where can I find the tpd4wg Turismo R?

TPD4WG Turismo R seen in Vehicle Cargo missions. The Turismo R is featured in the mission GTA Today, given by Simeon Yetarian. This vehicle may be selected randomly as a standard-class target source vehicle from SecuroServ during a Vehicle Cargo mission with one of three variations: IN4H4ZE, MILKYW4Y and TPD4WG.

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