Is the P1000 real?

Is the P1000 real?

Without a doubt, the Nikon Coolpix P1000 is a very unique offering that has no real competition today. With its insane 24-3000mm equivalent zoom range, it is a truly versatile superzoom camera. Bird watchers will love this camera, because they can get a close-up image or a video of their subject without disturbing it.

How much does a P1000 cost?

Nikon is pricing the P1000 at $999, which is a lot for a superzoom.

How big is a P1000?

(24-3,000mm eq.) Dimensions: 5.8 x 4.7 x 7.1 in.

Is P950 better than P1000?

We can expect this to be a close match up because both models are ranked amongst the best in Small Sensor Superzoom cameras. Out of 244 cameras in this class, Nikon P950 is ranked #8 with an overall score of 61 and Nikon P1000 is ranked #10 with an overall score of 61.

Has the Nikon P1000 been discontinued?

The P950 (Adorama | B&H) and P1000 (Adorama | B&H) are the replacement cameras of the P900. …

Is P1000 discontinued?

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Which camera is better than P1000?

The cameras are based on an APS-C (4000D) and a 1/2.3-inch (P1000) sensor. The Canon has a resolution of 17.9 megapixels, whereas the Nikon provides 15.9 MP….Sensor comparison.

Camera Model Nikon P900
Sensor Class 1/2.3
Resolution (MP) 15.9
Horiz. Pixels 4608

How long does it take to see star trails on Coolpix P1000?

For example, at 24mm effective focal length, you may not see star trails (actually depends upon how closely you pixel peep), with a 30sec shot. At 300mm effective FL, you may see star trails after 1 or 2 seconds. Re: Coolpix P1000 for astronomy beware !

Can a Coolpix P1000 be used as a telescope?

The Coolpix P1000 is like a telescope and it was near 4 AM (!) when I realized whetransfering the files to my PC, that almost all the pictures, except the first ones, were out of focus and only good for the trash can As a long time astronomer, often using refractors, I understood right-away what had happened

Can a Nikon P900 focus and expose stars?

The Nikon P900 is a consumer class camera designed for novices, not a professional-grade one with adequate manual controls. However, with some tricks, it is possible to get the P900 to focus and expose stars and planets correctly.

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