Is the Artful Dodger from Bar Rescue still open?

Is the Artful Dodger from Bar Rescue still open?

Thanks to “Bar Rescue,” a Spike TV reality series hosted by Jon Taffer, longtime food and beverage industry consultant with an expertise in nightclubs and pubs, The Artful Dodger is no more, and the same goes for Radio Nightclub. Now in its place is P’s & Q’s Auto Body, a speakeasy-esque bar at 30 New St.

What happened to the Canyon Inn bar rescue?

YORBA LINDA – The Canyon Inn Sports Bar & Grill has returned. A month after a television-show makeover changed the name of the Canyon Inn Sports Bar & Grill to the Canyon Saloon Steaks and Spirits, the owners of the 46-year-old watering hole have spent $5,200 of their own money to revert back to the historic name.

Has anyone attacked Jon Taffer?

“This is the first physical altercation I’ve ever been in,” says Taffer, who got in Benari’s face after the bar owner insulted Brian Duffy, “Bar Rescue’s” consulting chef for the episode. “I’ve never been hit, or hit anyone in my life. Usually, the confrontation factor is all part of Taffer’s method.

Who is the owner of the Artful Dodger?

Artful Dodger in Huntington, New York was purchased in 2006 and owner Mike Conforti relished in its success thanks to being the only bar in the area with a dance floor and DJs.

When did the Artful Dodger in Huntington NY close?

Here is the Artful Dodger Facebook Page, a Radio Huntington Facebook page, and a Huntington Speakeasy Facebook page, Here is the P’s and Q’s Auto Body website, and the signature cocktails are $12.25. The Artful Dodger also had another location in Smithtown, NY, which they closed abruptly in August of 2013.

Where was Bar Rescue in Season 4 premiere?

On tonight’s episode of Bar Rescue, the season 4 premiere, Jon Taffer and crew are in Huntington, New York to try to rescue the Artful Dodger. The Artful Dodger is also known as Radio and has an 18 and over night at the bar to try to draw a bigger crowd.

When did Jon Taffer come to rescue the bar?

Despite its history, the club was $2 million in debt when Jon Taffer came to rescue it in 2013. Taffer found that the place was stuck in the past, with long drag shows that were outdated and slowed down the business at the bar.

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