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Is Sylvania zXe blue?

Is Sylvania zXe blue?

SilverStar zXe headlights use a proprietary cobalt blue coating combined with xenon halogen gas technology to generate a color temperature that rivals HID.

Are zXe headlights bright?

I drive a Honda S2000 that has factory installed HIDs in the 4300k range which is the approximate color temperature of daylight sun, and looking at the cars side-by-side, I can confirm that the zXe bulbs are actually closer to white than my Honda’s HIDs. At night, the light being emitted is just as bright as before.

Are Sylvania zXe plug and play?

Easy plug-and-play installation and a 1-year warranty make SilverStar zXe gold the best choice for appearance enthusiasts.

How long do zXe bulbs last?

💡 According to the official website of Sylvania, zXe bulbs are xenon fueled and boast of improved HID Attitude while zXe gold series is advertised as their whitest lamp. How long do zXe bulbs last? ☀️ The average lifespan is 18 months which is typical for halogen bulbs.

What is the color temperature of zXe gold?

Sylvania Zxe Vs. One of the main differences lies in the color temperature. The zXe has a 4200k, while the ultra is slightly lower at 4100k.

Which is better ZXE or ultra?

For enhanced style and appearance, the SilverStar zXe will have you looking sharp. For better visibility and performance, go with the brighter SilverStar Ultra bulb.

What’s the difference between Sylvania Ultra and ZXE?

These are among the most preferred headlights from Sylvania. From the outlooks, these two headlights look similar, but there are a few technical differences. One of the main differences lies in the color temperature. The zXe has a 4200k, while the ultra is slightly lower at 4100k.

What makes a Sylvania ZXE gold light bulb so good?

The Sylvania Zxe gold bulbs are made to withstand the high intensity of wear and tear. These halogen bulbs also have some tungsten particles inside them, and these tungsten particles prevent these bulbs from fading away.

What kind of coating does a Sylvania ZXE Mirror have?

For optimal color output and light transmission, these lights have a cobalt blue coating. Additionally, the mirror has an alloy coating to provide that jewel-like. Many buyers prefer Sylvania zXe due to its DOT and SAE compliance, which is rare on most HID replacers.

How long does a Sylvania zxe headlight last?

This seems to be more of an expectations vs reality issue though, as these complaints are visible across the spectrum of halogen lights, and in no way specific to the zXe. A reasonable estimate of 18 months for these light bulbs seems appropriate.

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