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Is Sinaloa safe for tourists?

Is Sinaloa safe for tourists?

Sinaloa state – Do Not Travel Do not travel due to crime and kidnapping. Violent crime is widespread.

What is Sinaloa most known for?

Sinaloa is the most prominent state in Mexico in terms of agriculture and is known as “Mexico’s breadbasket”. Additionally, Sinaloa has the second largest fishing fleet in the country. Livestock produces meat, sausages, cheese, milk as well as sour cream.

What states are close to Sinaloa?

Sinaloa, estado (state), northwestern Mexico. It is bounded by the Gulf of California (also called the Sea of Cortez) and the Pacific Ocean to the west and by the states of Sonora to the north, Chihuahua and Durango to the east, and Nayarit to the south.

Is Sinaloa beautiful?

With its seemingly endless surf breaks, traditional fishing towns and wide expanses of farmland, Sinaloa is a beautiful state for seaside getaways and market-fresh dining experiences. Find Sinaloa’s premier beach destination, Mazatlán, in the south of the state.

Who runs Sinaloa Cartel now?

Today, the Department of State is announcing an increase from $5 million to up to $15 million of the reward offered under its Narcotics Rewards Program (NRP) for information leading to the arrest and/or conviction of Sinaloa Cartel leader Ismael Zambada-Garcia.

Is Sinaloa Cartel active?

As of 2017, the Sinaloa Cartel is the most active drug cartel involved in smuggling illicit drugs into the United States and trafficking them throughout the country. As of 2021, the Sinaloa Cartel remains Mexico’s most dominant drug cartel.

What’s the worst city in Mexico?

Los Cabos
As mentioned above, Los Cabos is currently the deadliest city in Mexico. In 2017, the murder rate per 100,000 people was 365. This means that this municipality has the largest per capita murder rates in the world.

Is Sinaloa cartel active?

What is the state flower of Sinaloa?

Dahlia (Dahlia Pinnata) The dahlia is the national flower of Mexico and has quite a large bloom.

How safe is Matamoros?

OVERALL RISK : HIGH The risk of getting into trouble is high enough at Matamoros. Traveling alone in a rental car is not a good idea. Many gang showdowns and poor police control of the area make this region not very safe for travel.

Is El Mayo still free?

A wanted man since 1998, Zambada forged ahead under El Chapo until the drug lord’s 2016 arrest — his third capture after he’d escaped from prison a second time. While El Chapo remains behind bars, El Mayo runs free.

Where is the state of Sinaloa in Mexico?

Sinaloa is a state in Northern Mexico. Sinaloa is rather like the country of Chile in that it is a long narrow strip of land with ocean on its west and mountains in the east. Sinaloa Photos.

Which is the best city to visit in Sinaloa?

Mazatlán is a city in Sinaloa state, Mexico, known for its fine beaches. Photo: Bryce Edwards, CC BY 2.0. Los Mochis is an agricultural and resort city in Sinaloa, Mexico.

Where can I get a paper map of Mazatlan?

The best paper street map of Mazatlan is produced by Guia Roji, and is widely available wherever Guia Roji maps are sold such as OXXOs, AutoZone, and other retailers. Detailed paper road and topographical maps of Sinaloa State have, traditionally, not necessarily been easy to obtain locally.

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