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Is Oxbow hay good quality?

Is Oxbow hay good quality?

1. Oxbow Western Timothy Rabbit Hay – Best Overall. There are a lot of good brands of hay out there which have the perfect nutritional balance for your rabbit, and are nice-smelling and easy to serve out. However, all in all, this is still one of the best timothy hay products for rabbits in 2020.

Is Botanical Hay OK for hamsters?

Hamsters love to chew on the hay and move it around during playtime. Keep at least two of these Oxbow varieties of grass hay on hand: Western Timothy, Orchard Grass, Alfalfa Hay, Brome Hay, Botanical Hay and Oat Hay. Make sure you have these supplies for your hamster: Oxbow’s Healthy Handfuls or other fortified food.

What is Botanical Hay good for rabbits?

Botanical hay is a rich blend of herbs (chamomile, lavender, lemon balm and clover) with Western Timothy hay. It is designed to stimulate your rabbit’s appetite for hay and add a little healthy variety to your rabbit’s diet. Alternate or mix botanical hay with other hays to create appetizing, long-strand fiber meals.

What’s in Botanical Hay?

Oxbow’s Botanical Hay is a flavor-packed hay with extra personality. This enticing blend unites Western Timothy Hay with a rich array of three of the following fragrant herbs: chamomile, lemon verbena, hibiscus, lavender, rose hips, comfrey, borage or red clover blossoms.

Where does Oxbow get their hay?

All Oxbow hay is grown on our family of farms by longtime partners who are experts in the production of premium hay. All Oxbow farms are located in the United States in climates ideally suited for producing hay that meets the strictest quality attributes.

Where is Oxbow manufactured?

the United States
Carefully crafted in the USA. All Oxbow foods are made in the United States using only the quality ingredients. Our foods are formulated with the guidance of exotics veterinarians and nutritionists.

What type of hay is best for hamsters?

timothy hay
Alfalfa and timothy hay are the best for hamsters, primarily due to more hamsters preferring their taste. If you want, you can try dried herbs to give to them. Feed them things like dried daisies, marigolds, chamomile, or wheat if you want them to try something new.

What kind of hay is good for hamsters?

Offer your hamster a selection of grass hay including: timothy, oat, orchard grass, or brome hay. Alfalfa is a legume hay which contains higher protein and calcium levels than its grass hay equivalents. Hay also maintains proper tooth wear, preventing malocclusion problems.

What hay is bad for rabbits?

Grass hay is high in fiber, which is critical to maintaining a rabbit’s healthy digestive tract. While young, growing rabbits can eat any type of grass hay, alfalfa hay is not recommended for adult rabbits, as it is too rich in protein and too high in calcium.

How do I get my picky rabbit to eat hay?

10 Ways to get your rabbit to eat their hay

  1. Mix in different types of hay.
  2. Mix daily pellets or greens in the hay.
  3. Use different types of hay racks.
  4. Look for fresh hay.
  5. Periodically rearrange the hay.
  6. Replace with fresh hay every day.
  7. Avoid overfeeding on other foods.
  8. Place the hay next to the litter box.

Does orchard grass make good hay?

Orchardgrass is a versatile grass and can be used for pasture, hay, green chop, or silage. A high-quality grass, it will provide excellent feed for most classes of livestock.

Is Oxbow Botanical Hay good for rabbits?

Oxbow Botanical Hay can make a great addition to your rabbit’s diet! Hay is the #1 most important thing in a rabbits diet making up 90% of their daily nutrients! Hay should always be available 24/7 to your rabbit.

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