Is October a good time to go to Hamilton Island?

Is October a good time to go to Hamilton Island?

The best time of the year to visit Hamilton Island is from August through to November as these are the warmest months of the year with the lowest average monthly rainfall. However, with a mild daily average temperature of just 27degrees celsius, Hamilton Island is an ideal holiday destination all year round.

When should I go to Hamilton Island?

For the best weather visit Hamilton Island anytime from May to November. Hamilton Island enjoys a year round tropical climate of hot, wet summers and warm, dry winters with a pleasant spring and autumn.

What is the weather like in the Whitsundays in October?

You can expect clear, sunny blue skies, warm to hot temperatures and little or no rain. October heralds the start of the hot season. October is perfect for exploring the Whitsundays’ hiking trails and beaches, swimming, snorkelling, scuba diving and sailing.

Is it hot in October Australia?

Sydney and Perth see October highs of around 71° F (22° C), Melbourne 68° F (20° C), and Adelaide 70° F (21° C). Darwin sees October highs of around 91° F (33° C), and Townsville 84° F (29° C). Daytime temperatures can also get pretty high in the outback by October, with highs in Alice Springs reaching 88° F (31° C).

Can you swim at Hamilton Island in October?

What time of year can you swim on Hamilton island? You can swim on Hamilton Island throughout the year. We’re a tropical island location and the water temp is good all year round. With the water staying quite warm, even in the winter months.

What is the best month to visit Hamilton Island?

April – June Boasting clear skies, minimal rain and plenty of sunshine, April through June is a great time to visit Hamilton Island. As the weather begins to cool off, Hamilton Island temperatures average at a balmy 24°C making it a great time to explore the regions beautiful scenery and reef.

Is October a good time to visit Whitsundays?

All year round, the Whitsundays enjoys tropical weather and moderate winds. September and October is peak season in the Whitsundays. The skies are typically clear, light winds to set your sails and the sun is shining bright. November to December is a perfect time to beat the school holiday visitors.

Is October good time to visit Australia?

Generally, the best months to visit Australia are September and October, when it’s often still warm enough to hit the beach in the southern states, it’s cool enough to tour Uluru, and the humidity and rains have not come to Cairns (although it will be very hot by Oct).

Are there crocodiles at Hamilton Island?

There is also a wildlife park on Hamilton Island, which houses another saltwater crocodile, so enquire with us how to visit for the day or overnight to enjoy these incredible apex predators.

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