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Is MEDITECH easy to learn?

Is MEDITECH easy to learn?

Meditech is very easy and convenient to navigate through. This is a hospital-wide used software system that is the same in all departments.

How much does MEDITECH cost?

Meditech Expanse Pricing 1,000 records: $500. 10,000 records: $2,500. 100,000 records: $10,000. 1,000,000+ records: $25,000.

How good is MEDITECH?

MEDITECH is a great place to work. This privately owned company has many opportunities for job seekers. From travelling specialists to programmers, there really is a future for everyone. With 50 years of experience, this is a well established company with a history of innovation.


HCA Healthcare (HCA) consists of 178 hospitals and 1,800 sites of care located in 20 states and the United Kingdom. HCA had three different EHRs (Meditech Magic, Meditech 6.0, and Epic) and tremendous variation in documentation content.

Is MEDITECH outdated?

Current version is outdated. Would recommend upgrading if you already have Meditech. Staff are easy to work with!


Chairman & Founder Imagining that computer systems could orchestrate care processes throughout the hospital, Mr. Pappalardo founded MEDITECH in 1968; the company formally opened for business in 1969. Chairman since 1994, he has led his company to become the leading vendor of electronic health records.

What is Meditech used for?

MEDITECH EHR is an on-premise electronic health record (EHR) system that provides clinical charting for health care professionals at midsized and community hospitals.

Is Meditech outdated?

Who uses Meditech expanse?

Companies Currently Using MEDITECH Expanse

Company Name Website Zip
Appalachian Regional Healthcare 41701
Suburban Health Organization 46214-2060
Southern Ohio Medical Center 45662
Fraser Health Authority V3T 0H1

What operating system does MEDITECH use?

Microsoft Windows
In addition to its primary market of acute care hospitals, MEDITECH also serves home healthcare agencies, large healthcare systems, physician offices, and clinics. MEDITECH’s HCIS is available on two platforms: a client/server-based Microsoft Windows setup, or the company’s proprietary MAGIC operating system.

Can you get Meditech training at Lakehead University?

Meditech Training is only available only to students registered in the Lakehead University BScN programs. Please carefully review the following information prior to beginning your Meditech training.

Which is an example of a Meditech program?

Meditech defined standard programs that are used for common tasks. Example: Adds 7 days to today’s date DAT=FREE LEN=8,7)

What do you need to know about Meditech EHR software?

MEDITECH EHR Software Company Our fully interoperable web-based platform navigates the care continuum with unparalleled confidence, so you can see the full picture and treat the whole patient — no matter where you are. Learn how providers today are using MEDITECH Expanse to transform care in ways they couldn’t, just a short time ago.

What is the PC-patient care system in Meditech?

PCS-Patient Care System is Meditech’s electronic documentation application. Members of the clinical interdisciplinary team document their findings electronically via prebuilt assessments and free text notes entry. This simulation program requires a password to enter.

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