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Is Kyou good at blitzball?

Is Kyou good at blitzball?

Kyou Basic Information Kyou is a recruitable player in Blitzball and is best played in a Rear position.

What can you win from blitzball?

League Prizes

1st 2nd 3rd
Megalixirs 15% [Blitzball Technique] 20% [Blitzball Technique] 25%
Three Stars 15% X-Potion 15% Power Sphere 15%
Fortune Spheres 15% Mega-Potion 15% Mana Spheres 15%
Underdog’s Secret 15% Elixir 15% Speed Spheres 15%

Is Tidus a good blitzball player?

Tidus is one of the best forwards in the game thanks to his high shooting stat. It scales fairly well with his level – meaning that there’s never a point where he’ll need to be replaced or repositioned. He also has high endurance & HP and is able to overwhelm most defenses.

What do you get for beating Luca goers?

If you win the match against the Goers, he hands his teammates the Crystal Cup, the champions’ prize, instead of passing off a regulation blitzball. Don’t feel bad if you find it an insurmountable challenge, though.

What is pile wither?

Pile Wither may refer to: The Blitzball technique from Final Fantasy X. The Burst Mode ability from Final Fantasy Record Keeper.

Where can I find jecht spheres in FFX?

Final Fantasy X

  • Jecht’s Sphere 1: The first sphere is received at Macalania Woods after defeating Spherimorph, unlocking all other movie spheres.
  • Jecht’s Sphere 2: Found in the Macalania Woods, in South area.
  • Jecht’s Sphere 3: Found to the right of the temple at Besaid Village.
  • Jecht’s Sphere 4: Found on the S.S.

How do you unlock jecht shot 2?

You can get the Jecht Shot 2 as a random prize from the Blitzball tournaments in FF10. Tidus must have learned all of his key abilities before he can equip this move.

Where to find KYOU in Final Fantasy X?

Kyou is a member of the Crusaders who can be recruited as a blitzball player in Final Fantasy X. He is one of the few surviving soldiers of Operation Mi’ihen, and can be found on the bridge just before Djose Temple. Kyou’s stats develop well, except his low SH.

Is it worth playing blitzball in Final Fantasy X?

Given the vast amount of content on offer in Final Fantasy X ’s main story alone, this really is quite the achievement. Blitzball offers players a welcome distraction from the main story and can provide hours upon hours of entertainment for those willing to let themselves get lost in it.

Are there any prizes for winning blitzball matches?

Blitzball Prizes. While some gamers will enjoy playing Blitzball games, most will participate in Blitzball simply for the fact that many important prizes can be obtained by playing and winning Blitzball matches. So what prizes can you obtain? The important prizes to obtain include Overdrives for Wakka: – Attack Reels – Status Reels – Auroch Reels

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