Is iTalkBB a Chinese company?

Is iTalkBB a Chinese company?

As the pioneer and leading Chinese TV content provider in North America, iTalkBB has long been serving the copyright granted contents tailored to the Asian communities.

How do I use iTalkBB?

Plug one end of the cable into the “Internet” jack of the iTalkBB Home Phone Box and the other end into the Ethernet (LAN) socket on your home router. Plug one end of your telephone line into the “Phone 1” jack of the iTalkBB Home Phone Box and the other end into your telephone.

How do I cancel my iTalkBB phone service?

Please call us at 1-855-482-5566, and our professional customer service staff will help you change your plan. All iTalkBB mobile plans operate without a contract. You can choose to change or cancel your iTalkBB Mobile plan at any time.

Does iTalkBB provide Internet service?

However, when we tried to update the Home internet offer from iTalkBB we found there is no more. Note: iTalkBB is no longer offering Home Internet in Canada. In Canada the market is focusing more on, IPTV, Home Phone and China SIM card.

Is iTalkBB safe?

DO NOT USE ITalkBB!! The signal is weak and customers services are horrible. Once you use this company you cannot transfer your phone number to another company.

Is iTalkBB TV free?

Users can watch popular Chinese movies at home on demand at no additional cost and in full HD. iTalkBB Chinese TV provides unlimited movies, television series, variety & talk shows, and children’s programs all on demand at no additional cost.

Is ITalkBB safe?

How do I connect my ITalkBB to my TV?

  1. Connect the TV box to the TV (an HDMI high-definition cable is recommended for you to enjoy HD quality) > Using an HDTV: Plug the HDMI high-definition lines into the TV box and the HDMI port of the TV respectively.
  2. Connect to the network.
  3. Connect the power supply.
  4. Setup the network.

Where do I return iTalkBB equipment?

You may return iTalkBB Products by mailing or delivering to iTalkBB VIP Centre: 245 West Beaver Creek Road, Unit 9, Richmond Hill, ON, Canada L4B 1L1.

Is ITalkBB TV free?

How do I install iTalkBB TV?

Does Sling TV have Chinese channels?

Turn on Sling TV and instantly feel like you’re back home. Watch all your favorite Chinese channels live, featuring the latest movies, live sports and reality shows you love — anytime, anywhere.

Where can I Find my italkbb phone number?

Your 899 number can be found on your iTalkBB phone box as shown below: You can easily update your account information after logging into your online account. Just follow the steps below: Please note: For first time users, login information is included in your order confirmation email.

How are referral credits used on italkbb?

Referral credits can be used to pay for your monthly service plan and any add-on features you choose. Login to your account, click “Rewards” in the menu bar at the top of the page, and navigate to the “Reward Management” page to redeem your credits. The number of people you refer will be calculated each calendar month.

How long does it take to get a reward from italkbb?

It will take 15 business days to deliver from the date your reward request begins to process. iTalkBB allows you to easily manage your billing statements by logging into your account online. After logging in, click “Billing Information” in the menu at the top of the page to view your latest bill.

Do you have to pay tax on italkbb account?

> Telecom consumption tax: Users in Virginia and Texas are required to pay a telecom consumption tax. iTalkBB charges this fee and surrenders it to the relevant state government. Users will be charged once when activating their account; there is no charge to add additional numbers.

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