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Is hay with clover good for horses?

Is hay with clover good for horses?

Clover can be a good feed source for most horses because it provides useful energy and adequate protein and fiber. You can use clover in hay or pastures. Clovers can sometimes mold, which causes slobbers, photosensitivity (reactive to light) and bleeding.

Is clover hay OK for rabbits?

In essence, yes, your rabbit can have all clover parts including leaves, flowers, or stems. It’s on the safe side. Also, another reason not to feed too much clover is that it’s too high in proteins for a rabbit. We recommend using it as a treat or topping hay with it, for more taste.

Why is clover bad for horses?

The clover plants themselves are non-toxic and it is the fungus that contains the toxin slaframine that causes the undesirable symptoms in horses. Symptoms of liver failure due to alsike clover consumption include loss of appetite, weight loss, depression, jaundice, colic and death.

How much clover is too much for horses?

As clover begins to dominate the pasture’s mix the likelihood of health problems to horses increases. If clover remains at 10 to 20 per cent of the pasture mix, it will likely not be a problem for an otherwise healthy horse.

What type of hay is best for rabbits?

Timothy Hay
Timothy Hay is by far the most popular and probably the best kind you can give your rabbit as their basic hay source. Timothy hay is a good all- around choice for unlimited offering to your rabbit. Timothy hay is a mix of leaves and stems from Timothy grass, which is a perennial bunch grass.

Can humans eat clover?

While wild clover is considered poisonous to humans in large quantities, in small quantities, clover is both edible and potentially beneficial to your health.

Is Timothy grass hay good for horses?

Timothy Hay: A Popular Feed for Horses Horse owners have found that Timothy hay promotes a shiny coat, good digestion, bowel regularity, and a healthy weight. It is also excellent for colic prone, protein-sensitive, and obese horses.

Is Timothy Hay good for horses?

Does clover make good hay?

Sweet clover is an opportunistic plant that takes advantage of good growing conditions when they are available. In grazing situations it can be a good feed resource. When harvesting as hay, use caution in both putting it up and feeding it. Moldy sweet clover hay can be toxic.

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