Is Fripp Island kid friendly?

Is Fripp Island kid friendly?

Fun for All Ages Fripp Island is a fantastic family destination. There is something for everyone, including the kids. Enjoy a round of golf or tennis while the kids enjoy fun and educational (don’t tell them!) activities with their siblings and peers.

Do people live year round on Fripp Island?

South Carolina beach communities offer year round beach living with amazing amenities. For some, Fripp Island may be a favorite vacation locale to visits during the summer, but residents of South Carolina’s Lowcountry know a secret. This barrier island is hands down one of the ideal places to live year-round too.

How do you get to Fripp Island?

From I-95 Going North:

  1. Take Exit 8 (278 East) turn right. Follow Beaufort signs and turn left on State Road 141, before Wal Mart. Turn left on Highway 170.
  2. Stay on 170 until you cross the Broad River Bridge. Turn right on 802, and go past Parris Island.
  3. Follow 802 over Lady’s Island Bridge. Turn right at US Highway 21.

How many homes are on Fripp Island?

Today there are approximately 1,474 privately owned homes and villas on the island with more under construction. Hollywood has found Fripp Island fascinating as well. In fact, it was at the Ocean Creek venue and the surrounding tidal marsh that was used as a film set for both Forrest Gump and Disney’s The Jungle Book!

Why is Fripp Island Private?

Due to its relatively remote location, the island was utilized primarily as a private hunting range for most of its history. In the mid-20th century, completion of bridges connecting Beaufort with nearby Hunting Island State Park, investors looked to develop a residential resort community on Fripp.

Can you have tents on Fripp Island?

Call Fripp Island Valet to set up and take down a canopy beach tent for you to enjoy every day of your vacation. Fripp Island Valet will have your tent and chairs set up by 10AM.

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