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Is Drake in 2K?

Is Drake in 2K?

The NBA 2K20 soundtrack is finally here and ā€” as Travis Scott would say ā€” it’s lit. The forthcoming video game boasts hits from the likes of Drake, J. Cole, Post Malone and Travis Scott. It’s the playlist that will have everyone game ready by the time the 2k20 drops in September.

What rappers are in 2K20?

NBA 2K20: All Celebrities and Rappers on 2K20 so far – Lil Pump & More

  • Lil Pump. click to enlarge. + 3.
  • Ben Baller. click to enlarge. + 3.
  • Lethal Shooter. click to enlarge. + 3.

What celebrities are in 2K20?

Celebrities like Idris Elba and Rosario Dawson play an integral part in the story. Other stars include Thomas Middleditch, Mark Cuban, Scottie Pippen, Lamorne Morris, Ernie Hudson, and Jaleel White. The story mode’s casting rivals that of some big-budget movies.

What 2k was come and see me in?

NBA 2K17
The song is featured in the NBA 2K17 soundtrack.

Is Lil pump in 2K20?

They even got his face tattoos right! The NBA 2K series is wildly popular and with the new game coming out in a few days, people are starting to get excited. Now, Lil Pump is showing off his player and he looks just like the real thing. …

Who is not in NBA 2K20?

Charles Barkley did have a specific reason for not being a part of the game. This was a proposal made by him to NBA 2K series, wherein he asked for a donation of a million dollars from 2K to the NBA’s retired players association, and this request was denied.

Which 2k is gold?

NBA 2K17 – Legends Gold – PlayStation 4.

What 2k was ain’t no time on?

Hear the ‘NBA 2K17’ Soundtrack Curated by Grimes, Noah “40” Shebib and Imagine Dragons

1 Come and See Me (feat. Drake) PARTYNEXTDOOR, Drake 3:55
8 Ain’t No Time Future 3:22
9 Actin Crazy Action Bronson 3:59
10 Forget Stokeswood 4:51
11 Beast Nico Vega 4:00

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