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Is Dr Kelso a good person?

Is Dr Kelso a good person?

Kelso Was Pure Evil (& 5 Times He Was Actually A Good Guy) Scrub’s Dr. Kelso is typically thought to be nothing but a cynical bully, but, throughout the course of the show, he lightens up somewhat. Of all the characters in the popular 2000s sitcom Scrubs, Dr.

Why did Kelso leave Scrubs?

In “My Finale”, Kelso decides to become a part-time doctor again and leave Sacred Heart for good. After stealing his favorite table from Coffeebucks, he gives J.D. a “proper” good-bye (a handshake) and drives off. The entire staff waves good-bye to Kelso from the hospital’s windows before he leaves.

Is Bob Kelso bad?

Bob Kelso was typically Scrubs’ “bad” guy, but the Chief of Medicine had his sympathetic moments. Along with many were Kelso was the worst. However, if one person is consistently a bad person throughout the show, it is Dr. Robert Kelso, Chief of Medicine.

Why did Dr Cox punches Kelso?

Cox confesses to newbie that his anger stemmed from his fear of being a rotten father. J.D. tells Dr. Cox that he shows great paternal instincts and that if Elliot was his daughter he’d know exactly how to help her in the face of Dr. Kelso’s increasingly vicious bullying.

Does Kelso love Enid?

Love Life. Kelso had his hands full with Enid, but he also seemingly had a few other illegitimate families he keeps on the side. He has had many mistresses, mainly prostitutes, and even a Vietnamese son, Trong Tri whom he is putting through school.

Who replaces Kelso?

Taylor Maddox was the Chief of Medicine at Sacred Heart Hospital, filling the position after Dr. Robert Kelso quit. She was fired when the Hospital Staff convinced Dr. Kelso to use his influence over the board members to fire her.

When was Bob Kelso born?

It is revealed by Elliot and Janitor that Robert “Bob” Kelso is born in 1942.

Does Dr Cox cheat on Jordan?

Cox was apparently legally divorced from Jordan Sullivan (Christa Miller Lawrence), but the two have lived together in an exclusive relationship since Jordan discovered she was pregnant. The marriage appears to have started out strongly, but went downhill after Jordan cheated on him with Dr. Peter Fisher (Jay Mohr).

Was Jordan actually pregnant on Scrubs?

Christa Miller was actually pregnant with her and Bill Lawrence’s children both times Jordan was pregnant. The girl who looks like Jordan in “Their Story” is Christa’s daughter in real life. Christa and her do the dance they did in the fantasy show in real life as well. She is right-handed.

Can Ken Jenkins play the guitar?

Jenkins was the voice of Blister on Harvey Beaks. Jenkins can also sing and play the acoustic guitar, and is seen doing so on the Scrubs episodes “My Tuscaloosa Heart” and “My Musical”.

Do we ever see Enid in Scrubs?

Enid was never seen in full, but was often referenced. According to Dr. Cox and Dr. Wen, each year on Enid and Bob’s wedding anniversary, the Kelsos would have sex and this makes Bob a nicer person and the hospital staff use the occasion to ask for favors.

Do Perry and Jordan end up together?

At first, he is upset that Jordan lied to him about it, but eventually forgives her, and continues to live with her. After that, Jordan and Perry live together as a happily divorced couple, as they raise Jack.

What did Bob Kelso do after he retired?

After his retirement, Kelso becomes more openly friendly with Cox. His wife, Enid, and children are never seen on the show, although he frequently comments on his spouse, describing her as morbidly obese, neurotic, and using a wheelchair after an accident that left her paralyzed.

Who is the actor who plays Robert Kelso?

He is also a womanizer and has had many mistresses. Dr. Kelso is portrayed by Ken Jenkins, who has appeared in 174 episodes of Scrubs over all nine seasons. He was a main cast member for the first eight seasons, appearing in the pilot.

What did Bob Kelso know about the uninsured?

In one episode, Kelso reveals that he has always known that his subordinates find ways to treat uninsured people, but pretends not to know to keep the system running and to benefit a friend, Maggie Kent, who has a foot injury.

What kind of disease does Bob Kelso have?

Although he considers his children to be embarrassing, it is shown he genuinely loves Harrison and pays for Trong Tri’s college education. He frequently cheats on his wife, and is open about his love of prostitutes. Kelso also suffers from a sexually transmitted disease which he has kept hidden from Enid.

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