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Is damage to public property a criminal Offence?

Is damage to public property a criminal Offence?

Mischief causing damage to public property. ––(1) Whoever commits mischief by doing any act in respect of any public property, other than public property of the nature referred to in sub-section (2) shall be punished with imprisonment for a term which may extend to five years and with fine.

Is IPC 425 bailable?

Nature of the offence: The offence under this Section is cognizable, bailable, compoundable with the permission of the Court before which any prosecution of such offence is pending, and triable by any Magistrate.

How is any damage to a public property our loss?

‘Damaging public property is as good as a personal loss. This is because public properties are ensured by the government for our own purposes and if we start destroying them, we will be losing the free benefits which we are provided by the government and that is our loss in the long run.

What IPC 425?

Mischief.—Whoever with intent to cause, or knowing that he is likely to cause, wrongful loss or damage to the public or to any person, causes the destruction of any property, or any such change in any property or in the situation thereof as destroys or diminishes its value or utility, or affects it injuriously, commits …

Is IPC 427 bailable?

Any person, who commits the offence of mischief under section 427 IPC, is punishable with imprisonment for a term of 2 years, or fine, or with both. The offence committed under this section is a non-cognizable and bailable offence, triable by any magistrate.

What is it called when you destroy public property?

The term “vandalism” describes conduct that defaces or damages public or private property.

What IPC 147?

147. Punishment for rioting. —Whoever is guilty of rioting, shall be punished with imprisonment of either description for a term which may extend to two years, or with fine, or with both.

What IPC 511?

Section 511 in The Indian Penal Code. (a) A makes an attempt to steal some jewels by breaking open a box, and finds after so opening the box, that there is no jewel in it. It makes punishable all attempts to commit offences punishable with imprisonment and not only those punishable with death.

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