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Is Corporal Jones still alive?

Is Corporal Jones still alive?

Actor Clive Dunn, best known for his role as Lance Corporal “Jonesy” Jones in Dad’s Army, has died aged 92. He died in Portugal on Tuesday from complications following an operation.

What was Corporal Jones Day job in Dad’s Army?


Lance Corporal Jones
Occupation Butcher
Relatives George Jones (father) Mildred Fox (wife) Unnamed brother Unnamed sister
Affiliated with Home Guard

What did Captain Mainwaring say to Pike?

What is it? Mainwaring: Don’t tell him Pike! U-boat Captain: Pike!

Who did Corporal Jones marry?

Synopsis. A wedding between Lance Corporal Jones and Mrs Fox is announced and takes place, but the reception is interrupted as the platoon are put on full invasion alert.

Where is Arthur Lowe buried?

Sutton Coldfield Crematorium, The Royal Town of Sutton Coldfield, United Kingdom
Arthur Lowe/Place of burial

Who said Dont panic in Dad’s Army?

Mainwaring’ ‘Don’t Panic Mr. Mainwaring’ was the phrase made famous by Lance Corporal Jones from the 1970’s BBC comedy ‘Dad’s Army’ – typically when Jonesy was in a panic.

Is Uncle Arthur Pike’s dad?

One of the lingering mysteries of Dad’s Army has been resolved after the actor who played Frank Pike confirmed that Sergeant Wilson, the young character’s “Uncle Arthur”, was actually his father.

Who died while filming Dad’s Army?

Private Joe Walker – James Beck Sadly, James died in 1973 aged 44 after suffering pancreatitis while the show was still on air, meaning his character was written out of the show.

What happened to Pike from Dad’s Army?

After Dad’s Army, Ian returned to theatre and also worked on TV shows including EastEnders. Birmingham-born Ian, 68, who has two sons from his first marriage, and two granddaughters, lives in Suffolk with wife Michele.

Why did Dad’s Army end?

Following the death of Edward Sinclair, Arthur Lowe said there would be no more “Dad’s Army”. During the final season, Arthur Lowe was ill with narcolepsy, John Le Mesurier had cirrhosis of the liver, and John Laurie was ill with emphysema and memory problems.

Was Arthur Lowe pompous?

Lowe had a reputation for being difficult on set; Lavender, however, takes exception. “He was little and pompous, but he was also very shy and private, and he used the pomposity to keep people away. When he decided to let you in, he pricked his own bubble and then you were welcomed with open arms.”

What happened to Arthur Lowes boat?

Following Arthur Lowe’s death in 1982, the yacht was operated for some years by Stephen, his son, as a charter vessel. By the 1990s however, she was laying in the north of Scotland and had been on sale for several years.

What are some famous quotes from Dad’s Army?

Jones: There’s a war on, Dad. Jones’ Dad: Oh, I wondered what the noise was. German U-boat Captain: I am making notes, Captain, and your name will go on the list; and when we win the war you will be brought to account. Captain Mainwaring: You can write what you like, You’re not going to win the war!

Who was Lance Corporal Jack Jones in Dad’s Army?

Dad’s Army star Clive Dunn OBE has died, his agent Peter Charlesworth has said. Clive Dunn’s most famous character was Lance Corporal Jack Jones: Jones was a Home Guard platoon and a butcher who was discharged in 1916, having served in the Sudan (twice), the Boer War and the First World War.

Who are the main characters in Dad’s Army?

Cast Captain George Mainwaring – Arthur Lowe Sergeant Arthur Wilson – John Le Mesurier Lance Corporal Jack Jones – Clive Dunn Private James Frazer – John Laurie Private Charles Godfrey – Arnold Ridley Private Frank Pike – Ian Lavender Private Joe Walker – James Beck

What did George Mainwaring say in Dad’s Army?

Dad’s Army. 1 Cpt. George Mainwaring: One thing, Jones. I don’t think you should hav added the bicarbonate of soda. 2 Cpt. George Mainwaring: Frazer, get behind him. 3 Sgt. Arthur Wilson: And I will get his gun. 4 L. Cpl. Jack Jones: And I will take my bayonet, and stick it up his… 5 Sgt. Arthur Wilson: I think they’ve rumbled us.

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