Is Aravind Swamy married?

Is Aravind Swamy married?

Aparna Mukerjeem. 2012
Gayathri Ramamurthym. 1994–2010
Arvind Swamy/Spouse

What is the age of Arvind Swami?

51 years (18 June 1970)
Arvind Swamy/Age

Who is Arvind son?

Rudra Swamy
Arvind Swamy/Sons

Who is the wife of Arvind Swamy?

Arvind Swamy/Wife

Is Arvind Swamy handsome?

His screen presence is astonishing and girls go crazy over his bearded look! Here are 12 looks of Arvind Swamy that prove he is the most handsome person in the Indian film industry! He was an instant heartthrob among the girls when Roja released. His innocent looks made every girl want to marry a man like Arvind Swamy!

How is Delhi Kumar related to Arvind Swamy?

Arvind Swami belongs to a South-Indian Hindu family. His biological father is Delhi Kumar, Actor. His foster father was V. D. In 1994, he got married to Gayathri Ramamurthy, and they have two children: Rudra Swami and Adhira Swami.

Who is the father of actor Arvind Swamy?

Delhi Kumar
V. D. Swami
Arvind Swamy/Fathers

What happened Arvind Swamy?

He was in a bad accident that resulted in a major spine injury, following which he was left bedridden with a paralyzed leg. It took him about 4-5 years to completely recuperate from this injury. The injury and the treatment procedure took its toll on Arvind and he went completely out of shape.

Who is Arvind Swamy and Aparna Mukerjee married?

Aparna Mukerjee is the wife of Arvind Swami who is a Indian film actor, television presenter, model and entrepreneur who recognized himself for his performances in Tamil cinema. Aparna married Arvind Swami in 2012. What is her Real Name?

Who is the wife of Arvind Swamy in Tamil?

Aparna Mukerjee is the wife of famous Indian movie actor, television presenter, model and entrepreneur Arvind Swami, who predominantly works in Tamil film industry. She is the great fan of actor Arvind Swami. Check out below for Aparna Mukerjee (Arvind Swamy Wife) Wiki, Biography, Age, Images and more.

Where did Arvind Swami want to be a doctor?

He was born in Chennai and wished to become a doctor in his school days. He did his schooling and graduation in India and moved to North Carolina to pursue his Master’s degree. He worked as a model in college days just for the sake of pocket money and in one of his ads, Mani Ratnam noticed and called him for the audition.

When did Arvind Swami give his voice to Simba?

In 1995, Arvind gave his voice to adult Simba for the Tamil remake of Disney’s animated film The Lion King and he also lent his voice the digital remake of the film in 2019, where he dubbed for Scar. He partially retired from the acting in 2000; just after doing a cameo in Alaipayuthey.

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