Is Ace seeds legit?

Is Ace seeds legit?

I would not hesitate to recommend ACE seeds to anyone interested in their products. The product descriptions offered by ACE on their website are very accurate. I am very happy in particular with the aromas and resin production from CBD #1.

Is Canadian Seed Bank True North?

True North Seed Bank is a reseller based in Toronto, Canada. They don’t breed any of their own seeds, but they do work with many of the best seed breeders to distribute their seeds worldwide through the True North shop.

Is Afghan a landrace?

A rare and rewarding high for the proud cannabis connoisseur. The Pure Afghan is an exclusive landrace from the Mazar I Sharif region of Afghanistan. This is one of the only DNA Genetics strains that is bred outside of Holland and are from a fresh seed stock.

Can Autoflowers be males?

Regular autoflowering cannabis seeds will produce plants that have 50% chance of being a males or females and there can be variations to this percentage but if you grow large enough sample size it will become closer and closer to the 50/50 of male and female ratio.

Are all autoflowering seeds female?

Both autoflower and photoperiod strains can be feminized. All it means is that a breeder modified a particular strain to produce only female plants.

Are there any regular seeds at Ace seeds?

Unlike most seed banks, which only offer feminized seeds. At ACE Seeds we believe that it is of vital importance to continue to offer high quality regular seeds.

Are there any marijuana strains based on Ace seeds?

Beside all the marijuana strains bred by ACE Seeds, we also offer cannabis strains based on landraces from other seed banks of proven quality.

When do you get next day delivery with Ace rewards?

Ace Rewards members spending $50 or more are eligible to receive free Next Day delivery on in-stock orders. Orders must be placed on days the store is open, before 4pm local time or 2 hours before store closing time, whichever is earlier. See Details

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