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How to earn the Hornaday Award?

How to earn the Hornaday Award?

The Hornaday Badge was awarded, upon approval of the local council, to a Boy Scout, or Venturer for outstanding service to conservation and environmental improvement. The candidate had to have been a First Class Scout, Venturer, or Sea Scout. This award included a silver badge for wear on the uniform.

Why was the Hornaday Award discontinued?

Lilledahl was awarded the Hornaday badge Nov. 11, 2020. He wanted to earn the medal as well, but the award was discontinued last year. The BSA ended the Hornaday award as part of a greater review of program, camp and award names to eliminate racism or discrimination, according to the BSA’s website.

What is the highest award in Scouting in India?

Rajya Puraskar, known as the Governor’s Award, is the highest award a Scouts and Guides can earn at the State-level on completion of 13 years of age and after being taught by trained Scout Master and Guide Captain and undergoing a State-level testing by a team of qualified examiners.

What is a Hornaday project?

Hornaday, this group of awards seeks to reward Scouts who have completed large, Eagle sized conservation projects and numerous Merit Badges. Since its inception, just over 1,000 Hornaday medals have been awarded. The Silver Medal is the highest possible conservation award for Boy Scouts and Venturers.

What replaced the Hornaday Award?

BSA Distinguished Conservation Service Awards Program
Hornaday Awards are Being Replaced with the BSA Distinguished Conservation Service Awards Program. The National Conservation Committee and Outdoor Program Team are proud to announce that the new BSA Distinguished Conservation Service Awards Program is now available to be earned!

What is the BSA Distinguished Conservation Award?

The BSA Distinguished Conservation Service Award is the BSA’s highest conservation award available. Developed to encourage learning by the participants and to increase public awareness about natural resource conservation through sound stewardship.

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