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How quickly do discus grow?

How quickly do discus grow?

Discus can grow 5-6 inches in a year. They grow approximately 2-2.5 inches in 3 months.

How old is a 2 inch discus?

A 2 ½ inch discus fish is only three months old when they are shipped to customers. The growth rate from 2 ½ inch to 4 inch keeping the fish in a small aquarium will only take four more months.

Will stunted discus grow?

A STUNTED discus is one which fails to attain normal growth due to being grown out, from it’s quite young stages, under less than adequate ( i.e.-meaning far from ideal) conditions and water quality, and a generally inadequate/improper diet.

Why is my discus not growing?

Also, the small tank size could be stunting their growth, especially if nitrates are an issue. I would recommend moving them to a larger tank as soon as possible as well as providing them with a more varied diet. A discus pellet would be a good staple, supplemented by bloodworms, tubifex, live blackworms and beefheart.

At what size do discus start breeding?

Because discus fish are difficult to sex while they are still young, you may need to wait until the fish mature and they may naturally pair off on their own. Female discus fish reach sexual maturity at 12 months of age, while males take a few months more to mature.

Is bloodworm good for discus?

The reason is, discus just love bloodworm, like humans like a good old full English fry up. The full English fry up is just as good to human health as the the frozen bloodworms to the discus, and it will not do them much good if they do not eat anything else.

Can I put salt in my discus tank?

Discus seem to thrive with water changing conditions anyway, so a adding a SMALL amount of salt can help. Plus if used with interpet number nine , this will wipe out a bacterial infection better if used the same time as the salt.

What temperature should discus fish be?

between 82° and 86° F
Discus prefer warm, soft, acidic water. pH should be between 6.0 and 7.0, with hardness between 1° and 4° dKH (18 to 70 ppm). Temperature should be kept between 82° and 86° F, although wild Heckel discus prefer water near 90° F. Use an Aqueon Aquarium Heater to maintain proper water temperature.

How big does a discus grow in a year?

Discus can grow 5-6 inches in a year. They grow approximately 2-2.5 inches in 3 months. They grow around 3-4 inches in 5 and a half months and 5.5 inches in a year. Before two years, they are to grow 6-7 inches and become healthy adults. These are the average growth rates of Discus.

How much water does a discus fish need?

The size of the discus fish school will also determine how uniformly they grow. The larger the school the more diluted the pecking order and therefore the more even their growth rate. I do not believe, and do not follow the rule of thumb whereby one discus should get 5 to 10 gallons of water.

Is there a way to make a discus fish grow faster?

There are no shortcuts to breeding a healthy discus fish. This requires immense hard work if you want a good size, body form, and color as a result. They require a healthy start if you want them to grow bigger at a faster pace. So, the details mentioned below need to be followed strictly and perfectly.

What kind of color does a discus fish have?

Discus has gills at either side of its body which needs to work in sync if they are normal and have no disabilities. The common color of discus is medium brown which is easily visible when buying a fish of 2-2.5 inches. Discus normally have a dark-colored band around their eyes.

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