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How old was sho in pretty rhythm?

How old was sho in pretty rhythm?

Gender Male
Age (Aurora Dream) Around 16
Age (Dear My Future) 20
Hometown Japan

Is Aira beautiful?

Aira Harune (春音 あいら Harune Aira) is the main protagonist of the anime Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream. She is a friendly girl who loves fashion and is known for being clumsy….

Aira Harune
Affiliation Pretty Top MARs
Animal Coach Rabi-chi
Personal Status

How old is Harune Aira?

Aira Harune
Age (Dear My Future) 17, 18
Height (Aurora Dream) 165 cm
Height (Dear My Future) 170 cm
Birthday September 3,1997

Does Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream have romance?

There are three love interests in Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream. Aira & Shou, Rizumu & Hibiki, and Mion & Wataru.In Pretty Rhythm Dear My Future the love interests are: Reina has a crush on Itsuki and So Min in Yun-su.

Does Mion like Wataru?

Wataru is the trickster-type member of the popular boy band, Callings. He has an unrequited love for Mion. He is sometimes blatant and humorous in his advances.

Is Pretty Rhythm worth watching?

Pretty Rhythm is a must watch if you’re a fan of her. All seasons also have a character called Akaii Megane who is voiced by Itou Kanae. She’s still in PriPara and Kiratto Pri☆chan as well. DMF being a sequel, almost all the characters/seiyuu from AD are present as well.

In what order should I watch PriPara?

  1. PriPara (2014)
  2. Idol Time PriPara (2017)
  3. Kiratto Pri☆Chan (2018)
  4. PriPara All Idol Series (2019)
  5. Idol Land PriPara (2021)

How many episodes are there in PriPara?

There are 38 episodes in Season 1, while Season 2, 3, and Idol Time Pripara each had 51 episodes.

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