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How old is Mihai Eminescu?

How old is Mihai Eminescu?

39 years (1850–1889)
Mihai Eminescu/Age at death

Was mihai Eminescu married?

He married Raluca Iurașcu, an heiress of an old noble family. In a Junimea register, Eminescu wrote down his birthday date as 22 December 1849, while in the documents of Cernăuți Gymnasium, where Eminescu studied, his birth date is 15 January 1850.

How Eminescu died?

Although Eminescu may have suffered from bipolar disorder and may have been killed by iatrogenic mercury poisoning, erysipelas, head trauma, or endocarditis, his final illness and death continue to be associated with the most stigmatized disease of those times, syphilis.

What is Mihai Eminescu known for?

Mihai Eminescu is considered one of the most important poets of the Romanian language, and is cherished as a national poet in both Romania and Moldova. His works were indebted to the Romanticism of Western European poetry, but placed an emphasis on his own national allegiances.

Where was Mihai Eminescu born?

Botoșani, Romania
Mihai Eminescu/Place of birth

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