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How much is a square piano?

How much is a square piano?

Prime examples of Steinway square grand pianos have sold at auction in the $8,000-plus range. But most run-of-the-mill examples bring prices only in the $250 to $700 range, with a few reaching a midrange of $1,800 to around $3,000.

When were square pianos popular?

Square pianos were the most popular keyboard instrument of the late 18th century, and the later square grand pianos enjoyed great popularity through the mid- and late-19th century. They were gradually replaced by upright pianos, which had a smaller footprint and larger sound.

Who was responsible for the revival of the square piano?

The Square Grand Piano in America In the last part of the 18th Century, John Jacob Astor started importing Square Grand Pianos to America from Europe.

When were square pianos made?

Square piano, musical instrument that was popular for domestic music-making from the time of its invention in the mid-18th century (possibly by the Saxon organ-builder Ernst Christian Friderici) to about 1860 in Europe and to about 1880 in the United States.

Are square pianos still made?

During the 18th and 19th Centuries, more Square Grand Pianos were built and sold in America and Europe than any other type of pianos combined! Today, however, they are all but extinct.

Do they still make square grand pianos?

How much does it cost to restore a square piano?

Rebuilding a piano is a large, time-consuming project that can take almost as much time as the construction of a new instrument by the original manufacturer. Quality rebuilding work is very expensive, easily ranging from $25,000 to $40,000, or even more, for a first-class restoration of a high-quality instrument.

How much is a forte piano?

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When was the last square grand piano made?

In England and France the last square pianos were made about 1866. By then the modern style of compact uprights, called ‘cottage pianos’ or ‘cabinet pianos’ had become more popular for small rooms, though their touch was never equal to a good square piano. The last American examples were made c. 1905.

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