How much is a MTG Black Lotus worth?

How much is a MTG Black Lotus worth?

Black Lotus gives you three mana of any color, granting you massive power over your opponents. It’s the most prized MTG card ever sold, with its most recent sale standing at a staggering $160,000. Currently, the Black Lotus card’s estimated price is $40,000.

How much is an original Black Lotus worth?

An alpha Black Lotus, the most infamous Magic: The Gathering card ever produced, was sold at auction on eBay for $511,100. Organized by trading card investment firm PWCC, it’s the first single Magic CCG card to sell for over half a million dollars at open auction.

Is Black Lotus even good?

Black Lotus is usually considered to be the most valuable non-promotional Magic card ever printed. Its Alpha and Beta versions in particular are considered to be extremely valuable, due to the more limited print runs and black borders of those sets.

How much does an unlimited Black Lotus cost?

Black Lotus – $21981.28 Set: Unlimited

Mana Cost 0
Type & Class: Artifact
Card Text: {T}, Sacrifice Black Lotus: Add three mana of any one color to your mana pool.
Flavor Text:
Artist: Christopher Rush

What level should I choose Black Lotus?

Hotfix (2020-05-28): Black Lotus now spawns more often and can appear in many new locations. Black Lotus cannot be seen on-screen or on the minimap by players who are dead, unless they have Herbalism at level 300 or higher.

What was the most expensive black Lotus sold?

The world’s most expensive Magic: The Gathering card, Black Lotus has broken its own auction record, selling for more than $500,000. As reported by Polygon, a 1993 ‘Black Lotus’ with a case signed by the card’s illustrator Christopher Rush has sold for $511,100.00 on eBay.

Why is Black Lotus card worth so much?

Black Lotus is valuable because of its rarity and its history. The power of the card is what created its legacy, but otherwise has nothing to do with its value. People don’t pay thousands of dollars on this card because they want to cast it and gain three mana.

Why is Black Lotus card expensive?

Black Lotus is one of the most powerful cards you can play in Magic: the Gathering. The card was printed in only three sets when the game was first made. An Alpha Black Lotus can be bought for $500,000 due to huge demand, little supply, and no way to be printed again because of the Reserved List.

How fast does Black Lotus Respawn?

1 hour
Black Lotus Spawns Each of the spawn zones has a small set of spawn points for Black Lotus. Only one Black Lotus will spawn at a time in the zone. Check sites which focus on gathering WoW data to see maps of the spawn locations. It’s estimated that the respawn rate is 1 hour, possibly spawning on the hour.

What’s the value of a Black Lotus card?

Black Lotus value $28,000-35,000 and up This is THE Magic card that everybody dreams of owning! This card comes in three sets, Alpha and Beta with a black border. It is also printed in Unlimited with a white border. Beta and Unlimited versions of this card are worth $4,000-6,000.

How do you sacrifice Black Lotus in magic?

, Sacrifice Black Lotus: Add three mana of any one color to your mana pool. Pro Tip! This incredibly powerful card is the most expensive and iconic Magic card in existence. Featured on Magic’s Reserved List, it will never be reprinted, ensuring it will always be the rarest and most precious card in the world.

How much is Black Lotus from Magic The Gathering?

1993 MAGIC THE GATHERING BLACK LOTUS ALPHA Grade Most Recent Price Average Price SMR Price Population GEM – MT 10 $511,100.00 $511,100.00 $80,000.00 7 MINT 9 – – $30,000.00 21 NM – MT 8 – – $20,000.00 41 NM 7 – – – 16

How many Mana does Black Lotus card add?

The artifact adds three mana of any color to your pool, and is especially prized in-game as it can be used to cast powerful spells very quickly. The card in question has been graded by Professional Sports Authenticators (PSA), one of the two main organizations to grade Magic cards.

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