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How much does fleetmatics cost?

How much does fleetmatics cost?

There is no up-front cost. Estimated monthly costs are $35/month for the basic REVEAL platform and hardware, which gives you GPS tracking and many other tools and reports. Adding on electronic logs is an additional $10/mo.

What is Verizon Connect reveal?

Reveal Field from Verizon Connect is a fully integrated, intelligent and simple scheduling and dispatch solution that enables you to overcome inefficiencies to improve worker productivity while enhancing customer satisfaction.

Does Verizon reveal record audio?

Does Verizon Connect record audio? No, Verizon Connect’s fleet dashcams do not record audio.

What is fleetmatics work?

About Fleetmatics Work Fleetmatics Work field service management software is designed to help companies streamline their operations while providing instant access to job details and customer data. Customers can also be given privileges to create new orders or edit jobs, if you desire.

How much is Verizon reveal?

It includes ELD Hardware and access to the cloud Verizon Reveal platform. The Basic Plan incorporates GPS tracking. Electronic Data Logs + $10 per month….Verizon ELD Pricing.

ELD Model Cost
Verizon Connect Reveal From $35 per month

What is fleetmatics?

Fleetmatics was a private company owned by Verizon providing software-as-a-service fleet management. Based in Dublin, Ireland it offers both web-based and mobile application services that provide fleet operators with information on vehicle location, speed, mileage, fuel usage.

How much is Verizon connect reveal?

Today, Verizon Connect has streamlined to just one ELD device registered with the FSCMA. This device operates on hundreds of thousands of vehicles across the United States. Verizon also offers hardware-free ELD solutions….Verizon ELD Pricing.

ELD Model Cost
Verizon Connect Reveal From $35 per month

How does Verizon reveal work?

Verizon Connect Reveal is a cloud-based electronic logging device (ELD) and fleet management platform that provides GPS fleet tracking to help businesses gain a 360 overview of all fleet management operations.

What does the fleetmatics tracking software measure?

The ‘Idling Report’ on the Fleetmatics GPS vehicle tracking system collates data, such as idle start and stop times, location of idling, and total idle time, which can be used for analysis – for example, the standard idling report can be used to help minimise idle times, reduce fuel waste and also decrease engine wear …

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