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How much does Birkin cost?

How much does Birkin cost?

Hermès Birkin bags are the most expensive bags in the world, ranging from $40,000 to $500,000 for a single bag. Named after actress and singer Jane Birkin, the iconic bag is handcrafted and strictly exclusive, which drives the value of the Birkin year after year.

How big is a Birkin 35?

35 cm x 25 cm x 18 cm
Smallest to Largest (L x H x W cm):

Birkin Size Dimensions
Birkin 25 25 cm x 20 cm x 13 cm
Birkin 30 30 cm x 22 cm x 16 cm
Birkin 35 35 cm x 25 cm x 18 cm
Birkin 40 40 cm x 30 cm x 21 cm

How much is a Birkin in Paris?

For example, the cost of a Birkin bag in 2019 for a togo leather size 30 is 7,500 Euros in Paris. However, if you try to resell this same bag, you would be able to for at least 15,000 Euros if it is in pristine condition.

Does Birkin 35 fit a laptop?

The 35 fits an extra book easily. It could also probably fit a laptop and more. As you can see, there’s TONS of room to spare. The bag can easily fit in addition – papers for work, a laptop/tablet, and some snacks too.

How much is a Birkin 30 retail?

Typically, Hermès increases their prices at the beginning of each year. For example, in February 2019, the Birkin prices went up for about 3-5 percent….Hermès Birkin Prices in the United States ( 2020)

Hermès Birkin Model Price ($)
Togo Birkin 30 $10,900
Togo Birkin 35 $12,100

Why are Birkin handbags so expensive?

The company says the high prices stem from Birkins’ impeccable,attention to details and unmatchable craftsmanship.

  • We’ll add their style as well as their relative scarcity.
  • Also,Birkins often have a strong resale value,making them a worthwhile investment for some.
  • How much are Birkin handbags?

    Often referred to as the holy grail of handbags, the white Himalaya Birkin bag features 18-karat white gold hardware and more than 200 diamonds. The 35-centimeter model in particular is very rare and has sold at record prices year after year. Most recently in 2019, it sold for over half a million dollars .

    How much is a Birkin?

    In season one of #RKOBH, Wang explained the cost of the elusive, Hermès Birkin: “The entry-level Birkin is probably around $10,000 and the crocodile or alligator is $60,000.”.

    How much is a Birkin bag?

    The bag is so rare and expensive in part because white or albino crocodiles are hard to come by and the dying process for the bag is painstaking. Even the simplest of Birkin bags start at about $10,000 and are famous for their often months- or years-long waiting lists to purchase.

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