How much does a Sachertorte cake cost?

How much does a Sachertorte cake cost?

Via its website a 19cm (7.5in) diameter sachertorte costs 36.50 euros ($50.40; £29.80).

How much is the original Sachertorte?

The smallest “Original Sacher-Torte” costs €29 ($32) both in-store and online. Despite how pricey the cake is, Hotel Sacher ships about 360,000 of them worldwide every year.

What does Sacher mean in German?

(ˈsɑːkər ˈtɔrt, German ˈzɑːxəʀ ˈtɔʀtə) nounWord forms: plural Sacher tortes or German Sacher torten (ˈzɑːxəʀ ˈtɔʀtn) a chocolate cake covered with apricot jam and chocolate icing, usually served with whipped cream.

How long does a Sacher torte last?

approx. 7 days
The average shelf life of a Demel’s Sachertorte is approx. 7 days.

When did the Hotel Sacher in Vienna Open?

The Sacher has been an important part of Vienna’s cultural history since its opening in 1876. This year’s Artists’ Collection 2021 is adorned with a motif by the world-famous soprano and chamber singer Anna Netrebko! For the motif, she was inspired by the delicious ingredients of the Original Sacher-Torte, its fine chocolate and fruity apricot jam.

Is the Hotel Sacher a 5 star hotel?

As one of just a few 5-star hotels worldwide that are owned and operated by family, Hotel Sacher today continues an unbroken lineage of flair and excellence. Experience unsurpassed hospitality, an ideal mix of Austrian heritage and modern sophistication, right in the heart of one of Europe’s greatest cities.

Where can I get the Original Sacher Torte?

At the Sacher Cafés, you can experience this unique atmosphere with a wonderful view of the opera while casually sampling our Original Sacher-Torte or a variety of other fresh homemade pastries. The wood engraving of the Hotel Sacher Wien as well as “Das Original” and “Hotel Sacher Wien” in writing in the inside of the lid.

Who are some famous people that stayed at the Sacher in Vienna?

The cherished meeting place of everyone from artists to heads of state such as U.S. President John F. Kennedy, Anna Netrebko, Queen Elizabeth II of England, Sharon Stone, Justin Bieber or Naomi Campbell. The Sacher has been an important part of Vienna’s cultural history since its opening in 1876.

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