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How much do BestMark mystery shoppers make?

How much do BestMark mystery shoppers make?

Your aloud to manage your own time and schedule shops when you want to do them. The most enjoyable part of the job is getting paid about $20.00 an hour.

Is BestMark a real company?

Bestmark is an incredible company The company sincerely provides support, and attention to it’s employee’s concerns. Bestmark exemplifies the meaning of a company built to support it’s employees, while getting the job done right for their clients.

How much money do you make BestMark?

BestMark The average hourly rate for a BestMark mystery shopper is $12, according to Indeed, but it depends on the assignment. BestMark does not hire shoppers full time. Instead, you’ll work for yourself as an independent contractor.

Is Intelli shop legit?

They have gone as far as creating fake websites to recruit shoppers/victims. IntelliShop NEVER sends checks/money orders, we ONLY pay our shoppers through PayPal. If you think that you have been contacted by a scammer or you do receive a check/money order in the mail, please report it to your local authorities.

Is Secret Shopping illegal?

Hidden video mystery shopping and telephone mystery shopping are legal in most U.S. states, thanks to one-party consent laws for video and phone recording. If you’re looking for customer experience research in one of the two-party consent states below, you may want to consider other options for strategic results.

Where is BestMark?

Based in Minnetonka, MN, BestMark provides mystery shopping services to organizations across the country.

How do you spot a secret shopper?

Here are seven ways to tell if you aren’t actually selling — you’re being shopped.

  1. They’re taking photos.
  2. Keeping a list.
  3. Asks too many questions.
  4. Reluctant or slow to answer questions.
  5. Asks about your competitors.
  6. They check out the bathroom.
  7. They track the time.

How much does mystery shoppers get paid?

How Much Do Mystery Shopper Jobs Pay per Week?

Annual Salary Hourly Wage
Top Earners $91,000 $44
75th Percentile $49,500 $24
Average $41,611 $20
25th Percentile $20,500 $10

Is Sinclair Customer Metrics legit?

Their primary industries for secret shoppers include restaurants, banks, convenience stores and supermarkets. Sinclair has a good reputation among secret shoppers. At the time of our review, they had an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and were among the top three picks for many experienced mystery shoppers.

What is MSPA certification?

MSPA (Mystery Shopping Providers Association) provides certification for independent contractor mystery shoppers at two levels, Introductory and Gold. MSPA also offers courses in specific sectors that hire mystery shoppers, such as Retail or Fine Dining.

Is bestmark legitimate?

No, BestMark is not a scam, as the mystery shopping opportunity they provide is very much legitimate. You can be assured that assignments you get are legit and the company will really pay you for completing them. BestMark has also been in the market research for 32 years since the company was founded in 1986.

What are some legitimate mystery shopping companies?

Market Force. Market Force has been providing mystery shoppers opportunities since 1972.

  • Secret Shopper. Secret Shopper is a newer company that has been around since 1993.
  • Second to None.
  • BestMark.
  • GBW.
  • Quest for Best.
  • About Face.
  • Pinnacle.
  • A Closer Look.
  • Perception Strategies.
  • How much do mystery shoppers make?

    Most mystery shoppers are paid by the job and not by the hour. Shoppers may earn $8-$10 for a simple assignment, up to $20, $50, $100 or more.

    What is mystery shopping?

    Mystery shopping is a method where the store hires someone to pretend to be a customer, in order to assess how the employees, accommodate shoppers. Employees are supposed to build rapport and eventually convince shoppers to make a purchase.

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