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How much do abalone divers make a year?

How much do abalone divers make a year?

Abalone divers have to brave the freezing, murky waters of Australia’s Port Lincoln and Western Australia, but for those bold enough the pay is as great as the risk at up to $120,000.

What are the dangers risks for abalone divers?

During the filming of the Abalone Wars, another diver, Peter Clarkson, was taken. Bucky says the most dangerous time for an abalone diver is descending from, or returning to the boat, as Great White Sharks attack from below. Divers feel safest on the ocean floor.

Is it illegal to dive for abalone?

Abalone diving is banned, and work goes on to restore the giant sea snail on California’s coast.

How are abalone killed?

“People get into situations and get in over their head.” He said one of the most common causes of death were heart attacks by out-of-shape divers. Others were caught in rip tides or pummeled on rocks.

How much is abalone worth?

Live Abalone is 250g-350g when fully grown, with the shell measuring 13-17cm. One of Australia’s most highly valued fisheries products, live it often retails for around A$100/kg.

Why is abalone illegal in South Africa?

The illegal trade of Abalone has exploded in recent years in South Africa. This is likely due to the unique social-economic circumstances that still occur 25 years post-apartheid. The abalone underworld is run by large and very well organised Chinese criminal groups in collaboration with local street gangs.

How much is an abalone worth?

Live abalone can cost $25 to $35 for about seven to 10 ounces, while dried abalone can cost about $150 per pound.

Why is it illegal to have abalone?

Illegal to take abalone Numbers of abalone are now at critically low levels because of over-exploitation. Poaching is the biggest threat to abalone. People in local communities are either paid money or given drugs by large syndicates to illegally remove abalone from the ocean. The abalone is then exported overseas.

How deep do abalone divers go?

Generally, Abalone hunting is done while freediving or scuba diving in 2 metres or more of water. It’s illegal in Victoria to take Abalone from the Intertidal Zone, which is defined as the area starting on the beach at the maximum high water mark, to a point where the water is two metres deep at any time.

Are abalone endangered?

NOAA Fisheries listed white abalone as endangered under the Endangered Species Act in 2001. The rapid decline and dire status of the white abalone population makes it a priority for focusing efforts within NOAA Fisheries and with our partners to stabilize and prevent the extinction of this unique species.

Is it dangerous to be an abalone diver?

I’ve been abalone diving for over 50 years in both southern California and here on the north Coast.   It can be a very dangerous sport if not done with proper training, conditioning and knowledge of the ocean.   Let me explain why. From what I have observed most of the deaths come as a result of what the newspapers call a “medical emergency”.

Where does abalone diving take place in California?

These days, about 98 percent of the legal abalone diving in California occurs off the remote coasts of Sonoma and Mendocino Counties. Even so, if biologists’ estimates are correct, at least a quarter-million abalone are illegally poached each year off the coast of California, and the street value could be $25 million.

Who are the victims of the red abalone?

Most of the victims are middle-aged men. They wear black wet suits, usually hooded. They are often found in small coves framed by crescents of jagged rocks. An abandoned float tube sometimes bobs about nearby. Almost without exception, the victims are found wearing weighted belts that help them sink.

How much does a pound of abalone cost?

Abalone remains a delicacy in many Asian cultures, treasured not only for taste, but also for medicinal qualities, including as an aphrodisiac. In drugstores in San Francisco’s Chinatown, in glass apothecary jars kept on high shelves behind the counter, dried abalone can sell for $2,000 or more per pound.

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