How many stores are in downtown Summerlin?

How many stores are in downtown Summerlin?

Downtown Summerlin (location: Las Vegas, Nevada) List of stores (134), shopping hours

Name: Downtown Summerlin
# of stores: 134 » Go to the store list
Phone: 702-832-1000

Who owns Downtown Summerlin?

Howard Hughes Corporation
In total, Downtown Summerlin is home to over 125 shops, bars, and restaurants, as well as a Regal Cinemas movie theater….Downtown Summerlin (shopping center)

Aerial view of Downtown Summerlin
Wikimedia | © OpenStreetMap
Developer Howard Hughes Corporation
Owner Howard Hughes Corporation
No. of stores and services 125

Is Henderson better than Summerlin?

Henderson is particularly family-friendly, especially as it’s further away from the nightlife of Las Vegas. There are good schools, plenty of family events and community centers too. Downtown Summerlin might be better for nightlife and entertainment, but there’s still plenty happening for adults in Henderson.

What year did downtown Summerlin open?

October 9, 2014
Downtown Summerlin/Opened

Is Summerlin Nevada safe?

Summerlin is a generally safe neighborhood. Many of the people are friendly and very active. The neighborhood is very nice and clean.

What is the best part of Summerlin?

Top 5 Summerlin Villages

  • Stonebridge Village: Stonebridge is another new village that’s taking shape in Summerlin.
  • Paseos Village: The Paseos Village was developed in 2003 and is situated along the western edge of Summerlin.
  • The Trails Village:
  • Summerlin Centre Village:
  • The Willows Village:

How many homes are in Summerlin?

The 106-acre fashion, dining and entertainment destination of Downtown Summerlin open to valley-wide acclaim. A 400-acre urban core in the center of the community, Downtown Summerlin will eventually be home to more than 4,000 urban style residences, Class A office and service retail.

Who started Summerlin?

Summerlin, Nevada

City Las Vegas
Founded 1990
Founded by Summa Corporation
Named for Jean Amelia Summerlin

Where do celebrities live in Nevada?

Celebrities That Live in Las Vegas Neighborhoods

  • Drew and Jonathan Scott – Spring Valley.
  • Mike Tyson – Seven Hills.
  • Holly Madison – Rancho Circle.

How much did Howard Hughes pay for Summerlin?

According to Wikipedia, in 1952, Howard Hughes purchased 25,000 acres of land that would ultimately become Summerlin, Nevada. What did Hughes pay for that land and what would that land be worth today? says Hughes paid $3 an acre for the land, which would make for quite a bargain at $75,000.

Is it expensive to live in Summerlin Nevada?

Compared to only Nevada, Summerlin South has a cost of living index that’s 1.2x higher than Nevada’s index of 103. The standard of living in Summerlin South ranks as #4,965 most affordable out of the 6,522 places we measured in Nevada.

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