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How many reviews do you need on iTunes?

How many reviews do you need on iTunes?

3 Answers. It is 5. I’ve watched apps tick from 4 to 5 reviews, and that’s when it happens.

How do you read reviews on iTunes?

You can do this in iTunes on your computer, click on iTunes Store > click Account > click Manage next to Reviews and Ratings.

Can you delete a review on iTunes?

Helpful answers Sign in to the iTunes Store. From the Store menu, choose View My Account. In the Settings section, click Manage next to “Reviews and Ratings.” Click Remove next to the review you want to remove.

Why does it say I need to review my Apple ID?

Manually Review Your Account Information If your account doesn’t load automatically, you can review the details yourself. Typically, Apple asks you to do this when your payment and shipping information is incomplete or out of date. You may need to update your payment information to use Apple’s services.

How long does it take for an iTunes review to show up?

1 Answer. I’ve found reviews generally show up within 24-48 hours. The drop down will only show countries that you have reviews for. So if only the US is showing then these are the only reviews that iTunes Connect knows about.

Can you delete Apple podcast reviews?

Removing reviews Apple doesn’t remove reviews for editorial purposes. If you see a review that contains offensive material, spam, or other content that violates Apple’s Terms and Conditions, contact us.

Do ratings for podcasts matter?

Ratings and reviews can be a valuable way to understand how your audience feels about your show. Ratings and reviews pay dividends, especially in apps where they count towards charting or discovery. Podcast ratings and reviews matter because they’re social proof. Think of them as part of your podcast’s packaging.

How do I see Reviews I’ve written on the App Store?

1) Either click Store > View My Account or click your profile on the bottom left of the App Store. 2) Select View Information on the top right and enter your password if prompted. 3) Scroll down to the Manage section and you’ll see Ratings and Reviews with the number next to it.

Can developers remove reviews?

Originally posted by Robin3sk: Developers can’t delete reviews as far as i know. They seem to be referring to a forum post.

Are App Store reviews fake?

On the US App Store, the app has over 1,000 reviews with an average 4.1 rating. While these fake reviews give universally 5-star ratings, almost all of the other real reviews are one star or two star with users complaining that the app doesn’t work very well and balking at the high costs of the in-app purchases.

What to do when your phone says this Apple ID has not been used in iTunes?

Try logging into iTunes with the same account. Try and review the information there (billing address + payment method). If you have a card on file, also supply the expiration date and CVV/CVC/security code. If the e-mail address still needs to be verified, then you can request that here, too.

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