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How many episodes is 15 Days?

How many episodes is 15 Days?

15 Days consists of four episodes in total which will be airing on consecutive days this week. The series started on May 13 and will be wrapping up on Thursday, May 16. Episode one of 15 Days set the scene with audiences introduced to the various members of the family.

What book is 15 Days based on?

35 Diwrnod
As the Radio Times reports, 15 Days is an English language remake of the Welsh show 35 Diwrnod (35 Days) that was adapted by Emma Goodwin and Siwan Jones, and if the trailer is anything to go by, we’re in for quite a ride.

Who shot Rhys in 15 Days?

The final scene played out Rhys’ murder once again, this time revealing that although Tom had trained his gun on Rhys, it was actually his mum who shot him and she encouraged her son to run away before he could be arrested for his crimes (which involved killing two others).

Where is 15 Days set?

15 Days was also unsurprisingly shot in Wales. According to production directory The Knowledge, principal photography for the series began in January. The Belfast Telegraph adds that Cardiff was the chosen location for the new series. (If the initial images are anything to go by, it looks like a pretty rural setting.)

What is 15 Days called in English?

Fortnight. A period of 15 days or two weeks is called as Fortnight.

Where is 35 days filmed?

Titled 35 Diwrnod (35 Days), the series will premier on S4C on Sunday, March 23, after filming finished in Maesycwmmer this week. The entire eight-part series has been filmed on a housing estate near Bryn Meadows Golf Hotel and Spa. Filming began in October.

What is the drama 15 Days about?

A shot rings out in an isolated farmhouse; a young man killed by an unseen hand. Rewind 15 Days and four siblings return home to scatter their mother’s ashes and read her will, little thinking that this family reunion will end in murder.

What is the drama 15 days about?

What is the meaning of Nove?

British English: nine /naɪn/ NUMBER. Nine is the number 9. We saw nine sailboats. American English: nine /ˈnaɪn/

What language do they speak in 35 Days?

35 Diwrnod/Languages

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