How many biological kids Rasheeda have?

How many biological kids Rasheeda have?

Personal life. In 1999, at age 23, Rasheeda married Kirk Frost of D-Lo Entertainment, with whom she has two sons, born in 2000 and 2013.

Did Rasheeda Frost lose baby?

Rasheeda was lastly pregnant in 2013 with her and Kirk’s son Karter. They also have 19-year-old son Ky Frost. In 2017, the “Georgia Peach” rapper and fashionista revealed she suffered from postpartum depression after giving birth to Karter.

Did Rasheeda have baby?

Rasheeda admitted she might be pregnant on ‘Love & Hip Hop. ‘ The pair already have two children, Ky (born in 2000) and Karter (born in 2013), but Kirk has five other children outside of his relationship with Rasheeda. Kannon is currently the youngest of Kirk’s children, born in 2016 from an affair he had.

Is Kannon really Kirk’s baby?

Kirk and Rasheeda Frost have been married since 1999 and share two sons of their own together. Kirk has at least three additional children from previous relationships and welcomed Kannon in 2016 through an affair with Jasmine Washington.

Did Jasmine and Kirk have a baby?

The issues reached a new level when a mistress of Kirk’s, Jasmine Washington, gave birth to his child. Kirk and Rasheeda separated for a period of time but they ultimately ended up getting back together.

Is Jasmine’s baby Kirk’s?

Who is pregnant on Love and Hip Hop Miami?

Amara La Negra
Amara La Negra shared some sad news on Instagram on Tuesday. The “Love & Hip Hop: Miami” star, 31, confided that she had a miscarriage back in July. On the latest episode of “LHHMIA,” filmed over the summer, La Negra nervously tells her mother that she is pregnant.

Does Kirk Frost have a child?

Kannon Frost
Ky FrostKelsie FrostKarter Frost
Kirk Frost/Children

Is Rasheeda still married?

Even after facing numerous criticisms, rumors, and obstacles in their relationship, Kirk and Rasheeda stood firm together and, in December 2020, celebrated their 21st marriage anniversary. They have since forgiven each other for their infidelities and are looking forward to the future.

Does Kirk really have a baby with Jasmine?

Is Cannon Kirk’s son?

“Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta” actress Jasmine Washington confirmed to fans that her former love interest Kirk Frost still sees their 2-year-old son. Kirk, 49, took a paternity test which confirmed that he was indeed the father of Washington’s son Kannon.

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